September is Vascular Awareness Month!

What is vascular disease?

Vascular Disease is an abnormality(ies) of the arteries and/or veins which is the result of weakness and inflammation in the vessels or due to a build up of fatty deposits.

Who is at increased risk?

People with a family history of vascular disease, strokes, heart attacks and angina
People with high blood pressure
People with high cholesterol levels
Overweight people and people with an unhealthy diet
People lacking in exercise
People living with significant & prolonged stress

The bad news

There are a long list of conditions that result from vascular disease including peripheral arterial disease, leg ulcers, carotid disease and vascular dementia. Vascular disease is also the most common precursor to coronary heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.

The good news!

The risks can be reduced by following a healthy diet, taking regular exercise, not smoking, limiting your alcohol intake and good management of underlying health conditions such as Diabetes.

Want to know more?

Circulation Foundation's website is packed full of expert advice and ideas. You can find them at or you can call them on 020 7205 7151.
Diagram of the cardiovascular system