Parkinson's UK - Trained Trainers on Staff

Leading Specialist Parkinson's Training - Four Parkinson's UK Accredited Trainers on Staff

Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological condition affecting a person’s function mental and motor function.  It is a complex, typically, slow progressing disorder which affects people to varying degrees. 

Home care provider Home Instead Exeter and East Devon believes that by having highly trained, skilful and confident CAREGivers support is optimised for those suffering with Parkinson’s.  For this reason Home Instead Exeter and East Devon has four professional Parkinson’s UK Trained Trainers on staff who are able to provide extensive training for staff.  Parkinson’s is a disease which requires in-depth understanding of those living with the disease, for example their unique, individual medication routine is of paramount importance – medications must be received on time, every time.  If medication is missed or delayed the effect may be a serious deterioration in physical and/or mental function. 

Similarly, an understanding of Parkinson’s through training allows a CAREGiver to understand that the tasks a person may be able to achieve on one day may vary on another day, or even from hour to hour.  Communication may be difficult with a person with Parkinson’s disease, for example there may be a loss of expression in a person’s face which can hamper communication, rapport and understanding. 

At Home Instead Exeter and East Devon our Parkinson’s clients are afforded utmost dignity, understanding and above all, time.  A person living with the disease will require additional time and patience while completing tasks, hence this understanding forms a large part of our staff’s training.  The provision of longer visit times enables our professionally trained staff to provide ample opportunity to enable clients to maintain skills, promote independence and self-reliance – vital for mental and physical well-being.  If a person with Parkinson’s disease is hurried or put under pressure he or she may become anxious which may lead to an increase in symptoms.

If you or someone you love is affected by Parkinson’s disease you will understand the need for skilful, insightful support in order to optimise outcomes.  With Home Instead Exeter and East Devon you can be assured our office staff and CAREGivers have access to the training and skills required to provide this premium level of support.  Call to discuss care on 01395 200600, we shall be delighted to help.