Keeping Our Community Safe - Scam Presentation

“I am calling from the bank as we’ve noticed some suspicious activity on your account”, 

“Its Jane Smith here, I am calling from BT as your broadband is about to be disconnected”, 

“Good Afternoon, I am calling from BT as we’ve noticed you’re about to reach your broadband limit”.

Worringly, these are the some of the opening lines used in telephone scam calls which regularly target our homes and often vulnerable people.  Frequently they are not spotted by our elderly who easily fall victim to these sinister callers and devious tactics. Recently we supported a daughter when it was discovered her parents had 57 monthly direct debits to unknown ‘charitable’ accounts, they had unwittingly been the victims of an untold number of scam telephone calls.  These sinister attackers pass the telephone numbers of vulnerable people from one scammer to another which subjects the victims to no end of plausible callers, email fraud, mail fraud etc. 

In support of the local community and in order to bring awareness of the extent of the scam ‘industry’ we recently held a well-supported Scams Awareness presentation at the Budleigh Salterton Library.  Together with examples of the most recent scams and frauds operating locally, we discussed methods of keeping safe for example using the Telephone Preference Service, genuine methods by which banks contact a customer online and on the telephone, how to keep internet and telephone banking safe, how to reduce identity theft, being vigilant when using public atm’s etc.