COVID-19 Update - 22 March 2020

This week’s unfolding events have certainly posed enormous challenge for individuals and organisations and, like so many, we are working resolutely to navigate the uncertainties and change.

We wanted to take a moment to share some of the measures we have put into place this week and the plans we have for coming days to ensure we’re able to continue to do what we do best, provide exceptional support for staff and clients.

In order to comply with the Government’s guidelines in reducing virus spread, supporting the NHS and maintaining safety for all our staff we have taken measures to reduce non-essential staff contact. We have reduced office staff levels, with all but essential tasks able to be performed remotely. Where families are concerned about reducing visitors to the home, we are able to offer same day, personal ‘virtual’ Care Consultations and reassuringly put care in place quickly thereafter.

For surety and safety staff have received increased support in the community, office staff are working tirelessly alongside our community staf to support clients, and all staff received further additional training to ensure safety and wellbeing. Realising that as events unfold concerns may affect people to varying degrees, we will be adopting an increased system of wellbeing checks and support for both staff and clients, some via traditional methods, others by telephone and virtually.

We are immensely grateful for the increasing number of people applying to work for the company, they tell us “I feel I need to help” and "I want to be part of it". Recognising client needs may increase dramatically over coming weeks, and that for qualified applicants a quick route to work is vital, we have streamlined our recruitment process. We've moved to offering our Recruitment and Assessment Programme on a rolling basis to ensure immediate training and small attendee numbers. To further support applicants we have implemented a full DBS Reward system to reimburse costs. Our pay rates, training, support and benefits far exceed those of other local providers and we continue to offer an extremely generous employee referral scheme.

If you or someone you know is able to offer time to help over coming weeks, please call our recruiter Tracy on 01395 200600, message us via Facebook or send an email to [email protected]

In spite of changing times, our whole team is totally commited to ensuring the very best experience possible for our clients and one another – thank you to each member of Home Instead for what you give, do and bring each day. To us, it really is personal.