Introducing... Mike: Care Manager

If you have the good fortune to cross paths with our Mike, you will very quickly realise that he is not only utterly professional in his approach to his role as Care Manager with us at Home Instead, but that he is also an extremely kind and caring person, with a rather cheeky sense of humour too!

Once upon a time, many years ago – 22 in fact – Mike got his first care focussed role, working in a small residential care home for adults with learning disabilities. This was a role that Mike found thoroughly rewarding, so much so that he stayed in this position for over 10 years, working across a variety of settings and supporting individuals with additional health needs such as epilepsy and visual impairment.

Mike then progressed his career, diverting his focus to palliative care, where he would support those in need of care at the end of their life. Mike stayed in this challenging and yet rewarding area of expertise for just over 5 years, gaining invaluable skills and a real sense of empathy that is still evident in Mike’s approach to clients and their circumstances, to date.

Another career change saw Mike join the Ambulance Service, where he worked on the frontline for nearly 6 years. Mike recalls, “It was a great job, as I was meeting lots of different people and I never quite knew what I was going into. What appeared to be the simplest of jobs, could often turn in to a nightmare! The best part was helping people who for many, were facing the worst point in their life - making circumstances better for them was brilliant.”

Change came once again, and Mike headed to a different care role, this time with a repatriation company based at Exeter airport, where he organised transport for unwell UK citizens travelling home from overseas, often assisting crew by escorting patients as part of the in-flight support team.

The impact of Covid and travel restrictions meant that Mike was unfortunately made redundant from this role. Their loss though, was very much our gain here at Home Instead. After conducting some research on the company and prompted by the Exeter & East Devon office holding the highly coveted CQC 5 Star Outstanding in all areas rating – as Mike says, “Who wouldn’t want to work for a 5 Star company?” - Mike applied for a role on the Home Instead Quality Assurance team.

Two years on and Mike has recently been promoted to Care Manager, where he is responsible and accountable for the day-to-day operation of the client care and support department. Mike has this to say of his new role, “I work closely with my colleagues, to ensure that we are continually reviewing and improving processes. Our aim is to make sure that we are delivering the most effective and efficient service.”

Mike does this by providing regular reviews and quality assurance checks for clients and oversees the vital legal obligations of Home Instead, to ensure our collective thorough compliance with regulatory requirements. Mike is complementary about his Care Manager position, saying, “I like the ‘unknown’ part of the role, as I never know what the next call will be about and really, I just like to be part of a team that supports and helps each other.”

His is a vital role, and Mike remains a key member of our team whose dedicated contribution is valued and appreciated on a daily basis. Mike, you’re a star!

If you would like to enquire about care for yourself or a loved one, please don’t hesitate. Our team can be contacted on 01395 200600 and are happy to help. There is a host of information on our website or indeed you can take a look around our Facebook page to discover why we are different.

For information regarding team member opportunities, check out our Current Vacancies – where you can apply in minutes - or call the Recruitment team on 01395 200600. We’d love to hear from you.