Case Studies

The following case studies illustrate the type of support we provide.    

When BK first moved into her retirement flat she initially asked us to help by keeping on top of the housework. During a short period of ill health we increased the service to ensure she continued to eat nutritiously, managed to wash and dress herself and did not miss any important medical appointments. With this illness now behind her, as well as the housework, we continue to help BK with shopping and meal preparation on a daily basis. It isn't just about getting the tasks done though. Equally important is the conversation and company we share.

Despite his advancing years LQ had never needed any formal care. So when he suffered an unexpected panic attack it was not only alarming for him but also his family who are not close at hand. When they contacted us we were able to put in place 24 hour cover at short notice, giving everyone much needed reassurance. Initially the emphasis was on stabilising the situation but this quickly changed to encouraging LQ to get back to doing things for himself.  After a couple of weeks this had worked and he was back to living independently in his own home, this time knowing that we are there in the background should things change.

DA was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease a few years ago. Initially, with help from his son who lives close-by, he managed well at home on his own.  When things started to get difficult the local authority introduced some support but the time limitations of their service started to become apparent.  Our specialist dementia care has made a difference. DA enjoys the singing group we help him go to, and our emphasis on keeping him active, eating well and mentally stimulated has helped him rediscover interests he had lost. Sadly DA's dementia is progressing but with the help of his family and our support he continues to live well in the family home, surrounded by a lifetime of memories.

When AL started to lose her sight she began to struggle to keep on top of things at home and her confidence took a real knock. From being active and going out regularly, she had become housebound. As well as doing the housework and some shopping, her son asked us to spend time reminiscing with AL about her life and family and to help her to go out for a short walk.  When AL went into hospital we continued our visits during the day when the family were at work. Anxious about being alone, AL decided she did not want to go back home and went from hospital straight into residential care; where our visits continue, ensuring AL regularly gets the chance to do the things she would like to do outside the home, which isn't always possible for care homes to do for individual residents.

LA regularly visits his son in Edinburgh, staying for a few weeks at a time. He can be slow to get going in the mornings as he has Parkinson’s Disease and it takes time for his first dose of medication to work. When the family are out at work, our visits help LA to get up, washed and dressed at his pace, without being rushed. When we leave LA is comfortable, settled and looking forward to a visit from his son at lunchtime.

ME has lived in her retirement flat for a number of years. Following a recent diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease her family had become increasingly concerned that she was becoming withdrawn and had lost her zest for life. We help by encouraging ME to talk about her interests and visit places she has known and loved for many years. We are all greatly encouraged by the fact that ME now looks forward to her next visit and thinks about the things she would like to do in the future.

RC moved to Edinburgh last year to be close to family following a diagnosis of Vascular Dementia.  His family contacted us before he moved so we could make arrangements and be ready to start our service when he arrived.  Taking RC to local shops and places of interest around Edinburgh during the week, when his family are at work, all help him to settle into his new home. 

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