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Live-in Care - Bromley, Chislehurst, Orpington

What is live-in home care? 

Live-in care means a type of home care in which a trained carer lives with you and helps out with daily tasks. The extent of care given depends on your individual needs and requirements. 

Regardless of age, people want to feel in control of their lives, which is why a live-in care assistant will help as much or as little as you like. This ensures that the care recipient maintains their independence, while also maintaining a high quality of life. 

How does live-in care work? 

Before we find the perfect CAREGiver for your loved one, we will arrange a call and a visit to your home to discuss your care plan. During the visit, we will spend time talking through our client’s care requirements, needs and wants. This way we can make sure that your loved one can feel comfortable and content with their thoughtfully chosen CAREGiver. 

At HomeInstead Bromley we understand that a good relationship between the carer and care recipient is vital - this is why we place such significance on a good match. Our CAREGivers will not only be trained to deal with any care requirements necessary, but they will also be able to share and encourage their passions.

What happens after the assessment?

After our detailed care assessment, a live-in CAREGiver will move into your home to assist with any tasks you might need. Whether that is personal care, housekeeping, or companionship, our CAREGiver will be with you whenever you need them. 

We will discuss the CAREGiver’s working hours with you to see what best suits you or your loved ones’ care needs. This is known as the  They will be there for you when you need them most, assisting with any daily tasks. The rest of the time your CAREGiver will be able to eat, sleep and relax within the comfort of the home. This way your loved ones will not only have a carer, but also a companion to play cards with, or even simply sit in comfortable silence.

If your timetable or your care requirements change the care plan can be easily adjusted. Full-time live-in care for the elderly can be combined with all our other specialist care services. Our CAREGivers are highly trained in caring for people who require convalescent care or those with conditions such as dementia (including Alzheimer’s Disease).

Live-in Care vs 24-Hour Care

One thing to consider is that elder live-in care is not the same as 24-hour live-in care. A live-in carer does not necessarily have to be with their client round the clock. However, there are times when, due to specific care needs, our care recipients require their CAREGiver to be with them continuously.

Due to the nature of the 24-hour care, your loved one, who might need this specialised service, would require more than one CAREGiver - a Team Support Arrangement. If you believe this applies to you or your family member, we will be able to go over the details with you during our care assessment.

Why choose live-in care?

There are many different reasons why a person might choose live-in care. Some people might crave companionship after the death of a long-term partner, others could require a CAREGiver to help with personal care and housekeeping.

Regardless of the reason, our team at HomeInstead will listen to your needs, requirements and worries and come up with a care plan that is just right for you as an individual.

Moving into residential care or a nursing home can be a stressful endeavour for you and your family members. This is why live-in care is such a great alternative to care homes - a perfect solution for those who require additional help but don’t want to move out.

Another benefit of live-in home care at HomeInstead is our bespoke personal care plan. As care experts, we understand that every client is an individual with their own likes, dislikes and history. A care plan designed to help one client with a particular condition will likely not fit another client that also lives with said condition. 

This is why we arrange an in-depth care assessment to discuss the care needs with you. We want to make sure we can match the perfect CAREGiver as well as the perfect care plan for your loved one. 

Live-in care allows for flexibility in a way care homes don’t. There are no set visit times, no rules on pets - your home, your rules. It is a great option for those who want full control over their care. If your circumstances change, the level of care given can be easily adjusted.

Benefits of live-in care:

  • Maintaining independence
  • Flexible care plan
  • Being cared for in the comfort of your own home
  • Companionship from our personality matched CAREGivers
  • Keeping beloved pets
  • More time to spend with your family
  • Staying in familiar surroundings
  • Peace of mind that a CAREGiver is always on call

    What is a live-in care worker?

    A live-in care assistant is a trained CAREGiver who resides with you and is on-call round the clock. They may help with daily household tasks, or simply keep you company while you watch your favourite show. A live-in care worker will be there for you whenever you might require their help. 

    Depending on your needs and the type of care service you require, a live-in carer will be able to:

  • Care for household pets 
  • Keep company and encourage healthy activities
  • Take you to doctor’s appointments and social activities
  • Cook homely meals and clean
  • Assist with personal care and hygiene
  • Aid with mobility around the house and local area
  • Help as much or as little as you like

    How can we help?

    As experts in caring, HomeInstead are here to help you with any questions regarding your future care plan. If you would like to discuss our live-in care services or arrange live-in care for yourself or someone you know, fill out the form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a free care assessment. Our CAREGivers all have their own car and will travel anywhere within Bromley, Orpington, Chislehurst and surrounding areas.

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