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This page is a resource for advice and information on COVID-19 and ongoing developments. This section will be updated as and when new information becomes available.

Update statement


On Monday evening 27.1m of us tuned in to hear the Prime Minister’s address to the nation on the coronavirus pandemic.

It had been widely anticipated that over 70s would be told to self-isolate for a period of 12 weeks and our offices had been preparing for this eventuality. A delay to Mr Johnson’s address foretold that broader restrictions were going to be imposed. Indeed, they were with the Prime Minister announcing strict new limits to our daily lives.

We continue to work tirelessly to monitor and respond to the changing picture; always with the wellbeing of our clients and CAREGivers foremost in our minds.

This week there has been much discussion around panic buying and subsequent food shortages at our supermarkets. The retailers have responded with a number of measures (such as dedicated shopping hours for older people) but we did not feel they went far enough.

We have written directly to the CEOs of all the main supermarkets pointing out the importance of social distancing for both older people, NHS staff and social care workers and that whilst we are being told to stay at home it doesn’t make sense for vulnerable people and those who care for them to be in busy places such as supermarkets at the same time. We have also raised the issue that the morning slots allocated are the times when older people are most in need of support and our CAREGivers are most in demand.

Our letter urged them to find a solution based around prioritised online delivery slots for these groups and also look at a telephone ordering option for the many older people who do not have access to online shopping.

We have had some positive responses but clearly there is more to be done here and we have offered to support the supermarket bosses as they look for solutions.

As ever, we wish you and your families all the very best at this most difficult of times.

Update statement


As the situation around COVID-19 continues to develop, our Home Instead national office is working hard to continually monitor and respond to the developments, working closely with the UK Home Care Association and Government on behalf of our offices.

Please be assured that our number one priority is to support our clients, their loved ones and our CAREGivers during this challenging time. 

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has put exceptional measures in place to try and flatten the peak of the pandemic. From now, social distancing recommendations have been introduced and we will be following that guidance to ensure that we are minimising the risk of spreading the illness whilst still providing our vital service to clients.

In the main, our CAREGivers will no longer be taking vulnerable clients, especially those over the age of 70 and with any underlying health conditions which post an increased risk from COVID-19, outside of the home unless it is for an unavoidable, pre-arranged, appointment. This is to keep our clients as safe as possible and to be respectful of the Government’s social distancing measures. Where possible and where it is safe, we will do everything we can to keep our clients occupied and active while the social distancing measures are in place.

We understand there are challenges and concerns around shopping and access to supplies and we are doing all we can to use our influence and expertise at the highest level to ensure our older population and our team of professional CAREGivers are a recognised as a priority. Locally, our teams are working diligently to try to ensure CAREGivers are able to access supplies on behalf of our clients.

We are in regular communication with all our clients and our CAREGivers to keep them up to date with the changing situation and to ensure they know first-hand what measures we are taking to continue to deliver our much-needed service.

Protecting our clients and teams during COVID-19


At Home Instead Senior Care, the health and safety of our clients, CAREGivers and staff is our number one priority.

As older people are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, we want to reassure our teams and the clients we care for that we are monitoring the situation closely to help manage risks of spreading the virus.

Our CAREGivers are professionally trained and undergo comprehensive training in infection control, and we have also advised them to follow industry guidance on hygiene from the UK’s Public Health Authorities and World Health Organisation, particularly focussed around handwashing and other hygiene measures. 

To ensure the highest standard of care is always being delivered across our franchise network, we have a quality assurance team and medical professionals in place at our national office to advise our independently owned offices UK wide. 

Beyond providing our network with information and training to protect themselves and their clients, we’re monitoring the situation and individuals who are part of the Home Instead network.

We’ll continue to follow direction provided by the UK’s Public Health Authorities and World Health Organisation and keep a close eye on the situation, working closely with organisations such as the UK Home Care Association, Age UK and other care providers.

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