Cost of In-Home Care for the Elderly

In-home Senior Care Cost

The subject of the cost of elderly care can be difficult to bring up with your family. Senior care in the UK can be expensive - it may feel like the search for affordable senior care is impossible, and looking for the right type of care service can be confusing. 

With Home Instead Bromley, you only pay for the care you receive. This means that the cost of care varies depending on a few factors, such as the time spent caring and the level of care required.

For example, the cost of overnight senior care, companionship care or visiting weekend care will all be different, as both the services and the hours spent caring vary.

How much does 24 hour care cost?

24-hour live-in care involves a CAREGiver moving in with your loved ones to take care of them and to keep them company. The cost of 24-hour live-in care depends on the number of hours spent caring for your loved one, and how specialised the care duties are. 

If you need someone to be there for your loved one at all times, we have a special arrangement that involves a team of CAREGivers taking turns caring for your loved one. This way we can ensure that the CAREGiver assisting your family member is always well-rested and at their best. 

If your loved one requires a person to live with them and to be on call, but not necessarily assist them every hour of the day, there is also an option for that. 

Live-in care would mean that your carefully chosen CAREGiver is available to assist your loved one whenever that is necessary, for an agreed number of hours. The rest of the time they can spend resting, eating, and living their life.

One of the benefits of live-in care is that there is always someone there for your loved one, just in case. On top of providing outstanding care, they will be able to keep your family members company when resting at home. 

Find out more about the cost of live-in care here.

What is the cost of a care home for the elderly? 

We find that people are always surprised that paying for elderly residential care is oftentimes more expensive than one-on-one, personalised home care. 

According to Which? Cost of Elderly Care Calculator, the average cost of residential care for the elderly in the borough of Bromley would cost around £1,079 per week or £56,111 per year. Moving into a nursing home would cost around £1,469 per week or £76,397 per year. 

Home care fees, on the other hand, vary depending on the number of hours your CAREGiver spends with your loved one, as well as the extent of care required. 

For example, the cost of overnight dementia care for the elderly will differ from companionship care or occasional weekend respite care. The flexibility of home care is one of its many benefits - you choose the amount of care you receive, and when. 

This makes managing the finances easier, as it allows you to be fully in control of the services. 

How to pay for senior care with limited resources? 

We understand that the average cost of elder care can feel overwhelming. If you are worried about paying for senior care for your loved ones, you can always get in touch with your local council. 

They will be able to perform a care assessment, determining whether the care recipient requires medical or personal care. If the care assessment establishes that care is needed, they will perform a financial assessment.  Depending on your circumstances and assets, they may be able to subsidise a part of your fees.

During the financial assessment, your home will not be taken into consideration if you receive home care services, as opposed to moving into a care home. 

One thing to consider is that unless your loved one requires personal or medical care, they will be assessed as not requiring care. This means that if your loved one is lonely, companionship care would not be subsidised.

At Home Instead Bromley, we believe that mental wellbeing is just as important as physical - find out more about the importance of companionship for the elderly. 

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