Caring for Elderly Parents

Caring for Elderly Parents with Home Instead Bromley

As our parents grow older, they may be in need of some extra help to continue living their lives to the fullest. We understand that aging parents and elder care can be a difficult subject to approach with your family. However, if you are aware that your elderly loved one is struggling, it’s likely they need some additional assistance.

You might notice they are finding it harder to perform personal hygiene tasks or to clean around their house. Your loved ones might start forgetting their doctor’s appointments or avoid leaving their house for social events. 

Although we wish we could be with our loved ones as much as possible, balancing work, free time and caring for parents can be a struggle.  

There are many different options for taking care of elderly parents, but with Home Instead your loved ones can get personalised, high-quality care in the comfort of their own home.

Whether that is a respite care break, help with personal hygiene or live-in care, you can trust that your loved one is in good hands with Home Instead Bromley.

How to get help caring for an elderly parent? 

You do not need to give up your life to care for an elderly parent. We understand that becoming a full-time caregiver to your aging loved ones might not be an option for everyone due to other responsibilities. It’s perfectly normal to feel like you might need help caring for elderly parents.

With Home Instead, the amount of care you receive is flexible. This means that you can choose how often one of our CAREGivers comes to visit, and the extent of care your loved one will receive.

For example, if you think you might need some extra help on the weekends, or for a CAREGiver to visit every fortnight, this can easily be arranged with Home Instead Bromley. 

Respite Care

Respite care is a short-term care service, utilised when the primary caregiver cannot perform their duties due to emergencies, or holiday breaks. It is a popular option for family caregivers, as it allows them to take some time off to either rest or to stay on top of other responsibilities. 

To find out more about how we can help you in taking care of elderly family members, fill out our form. One of our friendly team members at Home Instead Bromley will get in touch with you to discuss your loved ones’ care needs.

Taking Care of Elderly Parents from a Long Distance

With Home Instead, you can stay connected to your loved ones, even if you are far away. Using our Home Instead Tablets, your loved one will be able to keep in touch easily through family chats and check-in calls. 

Our home monitoring system will help your loved ones maintain a healthy routine, making sure they are hydrated, well-fed and mobile. 

In case of any falls or accidents, we can install discreet alarm systems that will directly connect to an emergency resolution team. 

Our personality-matched CAREGivers will keep your elderly parents’ company, assist their care needs, and take care of any issues that may arise.

To find out more about caring technology, click here.

Couple Care

When elderly parents have spent most of their life building their home together, moving out to receive the care they need can be stressful. That is because they are used to the privacy, comfort and familiarity of their own space. A move into a care home usually means abandoning the community they have built over the years, as well as most of their souvenirs, beloved trinkets and furniture.

That’s why home care for couples is a popular option when it comes to elderly parents. With Home Instead Bromley, your loved ones can stay together and receive high-quality, personalised care in the comfort of their home. 

Our CAREGivers are matched not only according to your loved ones’ care requirements, but also to their hobbies, likes and dislikes. This we can ensure that your family members are both in good hands, and enjoying engaging conversations. 

How to arrange care for elderly parents?

If you find coping with caring for elderly parents increasingly difficult, you can always enquire about home care for them.  To enquire about care for elderly parents, please fill out our form. One of our friendly staff members at Home Instead Bromley will get in touch to discuss your loved ones care requirements and needs.

All our CAREGivers have their own vehicles and can travel anywhere within Bromley, Chislehurst, Orpington, West Wickham and surrounding areas.
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