Welsh Snippet - Eat Well & Age Well

Welsh Snippets: Stay Nourished - Top Tips to Eat Well and Age Well

Many people lose their interest in food as they get older, Food and nutrition play an important role in staying well. according to recent research, one in five over 75's struggle to cook their own food. As part of our new campaign called ‘Stay Nourished,’ our aim is to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining healthy eating habits.  Home Instead Wrexham & Flintshire East is here to share its knowledge and help recognise the signs of malnutrition so that families or those providing care and support can take action.

Here are some top tips for encouraging your loved one to enjoy mealtimes:

· Keep mealtimes interesting.
Fresh or Home cooked aromas can help to stimulate the appetite. Encourage your loved one to get involved in the selection, preparation and serving of meals wherever possible.

Top Tip
: Help your loved one to make a shopping list and decide on a healthy meal plan for the week.

· Make the dining area comfortable, remove distractions and create a nice atmosphere.
· Think about portion sizes; If appetite is a problem, it is better to introduce smaller portions more often instead of a large plate of food 3 times a day.  Offering finger foods is also a good way to encourage people to eat if someone doesn’t want a traditional meal.
· Introduce a dinner smaller plate; Many older adults will not like to leave food, to stop them feeling over faced why not introduce smaller dinner plates.
· Ensure healthy snack options are available and make sure food and drinks are easily accessible throughout the day.
· Avoid calorie-free or low-fat products unless your loved one has specifically been advised to eat them by their GP.
· Always prioritise mealtimes and try to create a mealtime routine. Avoid rushing and coercing someone to eat.  Gentle persuasion is better.
· Confront the myth that weight loss is a normal process with ageing as our bodies become less active. Weight loss is not a normal part of the ageing process

If you are feeling under strain and need a helping hand or a bit of respite time, Home Instead can help. Our CAREGivers can provide help around the house as well as assistance with meal preparation, cooking fresh meals, shopping and errands.  01978 660423

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