Monday Memories: Buckley Brickworks

If you've been to our office in Buckley you may have seen these street installations and wondered what they are?  

Well, they are representative of Buckley’s industrial heritage and are a replica of the original trolleys that were in use between the various collieries and brickworks within the town.

At one stage, there were 25 brickworks in Buckley.  The demise of the Brickworks over time led to a change in the landscape, leaving many huge clay pits in and around the town.  Most of these have been filled with water and become a part of the natural landscape such as the Trap on Middle Common, now a popular angling pool. 

Buckley is full of interesting places of historical interest – you can download the Heritage Trail map here if you want to know more about the town. 

Do you have any interesting facts or memories about Buckley?  If so, we'd love to hear them. 
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