Nicola McKeever CAREGiver of the Year 2012

Nicola McKeever – CAREGiver of the Year 2012 – Cath & Mike Chalton

When we all started our journey with Home Instead, few of us would ever have believed how many lives we would be privileged to touch. Sometimes we are overwhelmed when we reflect on the impact we have on our clients, their families, our CAREGivers and their families we need to take a sharp intake of breath. We are very humbled to work with CAREGivers who are completely dedicated to our clients and our company.

Throughout the year we record all of the feedback given by clients about CAREGivers, there are too many names and too many pieces of fantastic feedback for us to mention here and I know each and every office will have similar feedback and stories of outstanding care and dedication but sometimes, a person walks into your life who is truly exceptional.

Nicola is one of those people. When we were considering our CAREGivers for nomination to CAREGiver of the Year, Joanne Downey our Care Manager suggested Nicola. Some of our office team said ‘who?’ The fact that she is not known to all of the team is very significant; she is never boastful or brash, she likes to keep her private life just that, private. She does manage all of her responsibilities and never lets anyone down she is really worthy of this award.

So often, people come to Home Instead for a very special reason. Nicola is no exception; her very dear mother in law was afflicted with terminal cancer at an early age. Following her passing, Nicola felt she had a calling to help people and sought out a reputable company whose ethos matched her own and the rest, as they say, is history!

When I asked Joanne what was it about Nicola that made her stand out from everyone else? Joanne said ‘she just gets it’. I reminded Joanne that ‘just gets it’ is not a descriptor on the Level 5 Health and Social Care Award which she finished earlier in the year! On further conversation, Joanne said the what makes Nicola exceptional is that she sees and feels the needs of the people she works with, she knows instinctively when to offer help and when to ease back from a situation, her care is always delivered with love and patience.

In short she is a great example of a Home Instead CAREGiver and we are proud to work with her. We hope that Nicola has truly found her calling and that she will go on to have a long professional career with us at Home Instead Wirral and feel sure that she will always be guided by the gentle hand of her very dear Mother In Law.

A group of Home Instead CAREGivers talking
Family welcoming a Home Instead care manager into their home