Liverpool 1/2 Marathon

Sunday 27th March was a very special day for our Owner Director of Care, Catharine Chalton and our Rapid Access Team Scheduler, Kirsty Richardson.

At a very early hour, they donned their running shoes and set off with Kirsty's friend Jo and set off to Liverpool to take part in the Liverpool 1/2 marathon. None of the girls had run such a long distance before but on this day their efforts were for really good reasons. 

Kirsty lost her beloved Mum, Helen Richardson to cancer. Helen passed away in St John's Hospice under the kind care of the Hospice team. Kirsty and Jo ran their race to raise funds for St John's Hospice. To date the girls have raised £500 for their cause.

Catharine's reason for running the race was rather different. Following the dreadful events in Japan on March 11th, the Home Instead family was worried and concerned about the 124 Japanese offices. The area most affected by the earthquake and Tsunami was North East Japan. Prior to the disaster there had been 7 franchise offices in the area. Whilst the Home Instead International Disaster Relief fund was immediately mobilised to offer financial assistance, and many many prayer were offered world wide, Catharine decided to run her race in honour of those lost in the disaster. Our CAREGivers and clients have written good wishes and thoughts to all of those people affected. Catharine and Mike will present the messages to Yoshino Nakajima when attending the Home Instead International Convention in Omaha on April 14th.

If you wish to add any thoughts or good wishes to our collection please do send them to [email protected].


A group of Home Instead CAREGivers talking
Family welcoming a Home Instead care manager into their home