Returning Home from Hospital: How Can We Help?

It is becoming increasingly common to hear stories of elderly patients stuck in hospital unnecessarily. With cuts to social services and ever-growing waiting lists for places in nursing and residential homes, leaving hospital has, arguably, never been more difficult.

Hospital wards can be noisy, busy and intimidating places for elderly patients and those with dementia. Here at HISC, we recognise the negative impacts that staying in hospital unnecessarily can have on the physical and mental health of elderly individuals. Once your loved one is ready to return home, whether that be because they are deemed medically fit or because they require end of life care at home, we have the care services to make the whole process smoother and more efficient.

When it is time for your loved one to come home from hospital, the hospital staff should complete a discharge assessment – this will outline the support they deem necessary for your relative/friend when they are at home. The experienced, dedicated staff at HISC will work with the necessary official information, and with you, to put together a tailored package for a simple, hassle-free return home.

There are many different ways in which HISC make the transition from hospital to home easy – here are a few things we can do to help you and your loved one:

Organise Assisted Travel

The actual journey from hospital back home is made comfortable and stress free with HISC, as we liaise with all the necessary authorities to get your loved one home at a time and in a fashion that suits you and them. We offer you a reliable, efficient service that removes the worry from getting home from hospital.

Taking Care of Safety in the Home

In our eyes, ensuring elderly people are safe in their own homes, with as little risk of further hospitalisation as possible, is paramount. We have teams trained in surveying your loved one’s home, ensuring all the correct support, equipment and safety measures are in place before they return from hospital. Whether it be stair lifts, or level access showers, HISC have the expertise you need.

Collecting Prescriptions

One of the most common worries people have when leaving hospital is that they have got all their belongings, especially the necessary prescriptions and medication. HISC strive to alleviate such worries by offering to collect the necessary prescriptions for your loved one’s return to home. With our expert care, they will never be without the medication they need.

Making a House a Home Again

From stocking up the fridge with their favourite foods to enjoy when they are home, to making sure that the linen on their bed is clean and fresh – we know that sometimes the little touches make the biggest difference to an individual. We want your loved one to look forward to coming home to a clean, tidy and familiar house as much as possible – we go to every effort to make it happen.

Providing Ongoing Care

The care HISC provides does not have to stop after we get your loved one settled back at home. Each of the in-home care packages we offer to our clients is uniquely tailored to that individual and their family. From preventing falls, providing specialist dementia care and enjoying companionship-based care with your loved one, HISC will meet all their support needs and much, much more.

Final Paragraph: Wandsworth, Lambeth & Dulwich

HISC Wandsworth, Lambeth & Dulwich offer the support services and infrastructure elderly individuals need when returning from hospital. Such support is so often lacking due to public sector cuts and waiting lists in residential care. Our committed teams work with you to return your loved one to a clean, safe and comfortable home, ensuring every effort is made to keep them out of hospital in future.

For more information on the care we provide at HISC Wandsworth, Lambeth & Dulwich, call us today on 0208 871 0006 or get in touch here.
s your loved one waiting for the right in-home support so that they can leave hospital? If so, HISC offer you bespoke services to help get your relative home sooner and safer.