"Wheely Great Care"

We believe that if you care, you can care. Our values-based hiring means we have a variety of different characters working with us. One of our first-ever hires was Sarah, who is the most dedicated cyclist we’ve ever met!

Come rain or shine, Sarah gets to her clients. Even if it’s snowy out she’ll walk, just to make sure her clients get to see her smiley face and any help they may need! We often get to see her in her waterproof overalls braving the great outdoors.

The relationships Sarah has built with her clients is incredible. Her clients see her as their friend, and a truly trusted companion. Sarah never ceases to amaze us with her positive can-do attitude and her genuine love of the work she does.

If you think you’re made of the same stuff, we want to meet you! You can apply for part-time care work here, or call us on 01462 600462.