Training2Care's Virtual Dementia Tour

On 12th July, the Virtual Dementia Tour bus was brought to Letchworth by us and the local Bluebird. The bus provides care professionals and family members with an interactive experience of what it might feel like to live with dementia.

Operated in the UK by Training 2 Care, it is the world’s only medically, scientifically approved way to induce an experience of what dementia may feel like.

A number of Home Instead CAREGivers were given the opportunity to take the training.

The Virtual Dementia Tour is considered as ‘a must have' training for every care professional family member who wants to understand more by walking in the shoes of a person with dementia.’

Our CAREGivers were shocked to have such a believable experience of what dementia might feel like.They agreed it has given them a new level of empathy for their clients, and they picked up some good tips for little changes they can make to better suit their clients.

Following the experience, we were given a talk about making dementia more predictable, and use of the term "challenging behaviours". Too often people with dementia are labelled as being challenging and unpredictable when this simply isn't the case. If everyone took the time to see the world from the patient's point of view, we would find relationships much easier to build and help people maintain independence for  a lot longer.

Owner of Home Instead Dave Marsh explained, “We had heard a lot about the Virtual Dementia Tour and I was interested to find out more. We care for a lot of clients with dementia and we have all undertaken dementia awareness training. However, I felt that this would be a great addition to our experience, by getting an insight into what it may feel like for someone who has dementia using Virtual Reality.

There are increasing amounts of people being diagnosed with dementia, so the need for increased awareness is paramount and also providing continued support not only for those with dementia, but their families and loved ones.

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More CAREGivers waiting to go in to the bus