"Get Thready"

Diane works with us alongside her other jobs and is highly regarded by all of her clients. We recently discovered she had an interesting hobby, and have asked her to share more about it!

"My name is Diane and I'm a caregiver for Home Instead in areas of Letchworth, Stevenage and the surrounding areas of Hertfordshire.

Maisy asked me to talk about a hobby I have which is collecting Thimbles.

I started collecting when I was in my teens. Just started as when I went on holiday to Scotland thought they looked different so it started from there. Then I would go to car boot and buy. I joined a thimble club and brought some. Family would bring me some back from their holidays abroad or in this country.

I said to myself I would stop at 1,000 but that didn't happen on my last count Sunday 6th April 2019 the count was 1,494. It just keeps growing and growing.

I have a thimble which is the smallest thimble in the world actually picked up from a car boot cost £1. But worth more. So iI have paid from as little as 20p a thimble up to £33 lead crystal.

In my collection I have all the 50 birds of Britain that sit on top off the thimbles with the name on the thimble they sit in a dome.

Have some off the royal family, the Olympics, from flowers to people from coronation street to Beatles.

There is also a few with a hole on the top like a kaleidoscope you look in and has a saying in it.

I have had a couple off doubles over the years, but that's ok as it is difficult to remember each one individually laugh out loud.

I'm looking forward to carrying my collection."

Diane is a CAREGiver that we can always turn to and ask to help us cover a client. Even if she can't cover it, she always lets us know quickly! 

Following the recent death of one of her clients, Diane made herself available with only a few hours notice to start covering night calls with the late client's husband to keep him company until his wife's funeral.

If you want to build these types of relationships and think you could be the next Diane, apply for a role with us by clicking here!

Diane and her thimbles