Caregiver Survival Guide :o)

We find that there are lots of differing reasons why become or end up being carers. If you are one, you probably have lots of questions about the support you are providing to the people, you support

Do here is a survival guide to help you cope and deliver person centred care that will be a real support to others. We find that this is a tough role and it’s important to have a shoulder to lean on when the going gets tough.

  • Promote Self Esteem: it’s amazing the positive impact that a new hairdo or style of clothing can do for your loved one’s confidence and self-esteem. It’s the little things that can have a big impact.
  • Be Calm: It can often take time to get into a pattern of care. Being patient can allow this to occur whilst also respecting a person’s dignity and independence.
  • Come to Terms with Change: Remember that the client or person you care for probably is not the person you knew them to be. It's important to accept change as this will enable you to hang in there and provide long term quality support.
  • It's OK to Take a Break: You can’t be your best for someone else if you are tired. Give yourself permission to have a break from the routine, some space and time to rest each month. This will recharge your batteries and help you to see opportunities for better quality care support.
  • Allow Others to Help You : This is huge responsibility to care for someone and it’s important that in the first instance you take care of yourself. When other offer to help you, our advice is, take it!

If this has been of use feel to share and spread the care!  01462 600462

A group of Home Instead CAREGivers talking
Family welcoming a Home Instead care manager into their home