Emrah's Work Experience

Hi, my name is Emrah Bilgic and over the past 4 weeks I have been lucky enough to do my university work experience at Home Instead. Some background context behind who I am is I’m a 21-year-old student from University of Shrewsbury studying Business. In my spare time I enjoy playing and watching Football and have a deep interest in business and the world surrounding it.

From my personal experience I have no bad words to say about the franchise. The staff surrounding me in the office have not only been friendly and helpful, but they have also managed to show me a real insight into what goes on behind Home Instead. My favourite part of working here was most definitely the fact I had chance to be thrown in the deep end and do beneficial tasks set by the team. These tasks have actual relevance to what I do at university like taking insights into the social media pages of the business and offering criticisms and suggestions to what I would do in the future. I am grateful for this experience because elsewhere I could’ve been disregarded and not taken seriously as a university student but Home Instead have made me feel welcome and put me in real situations. If I had gone elsewhere, I don’t think I’d have anywhere near as realistic of an experience. Even with the intense workload the staff have had I’m thankful they have included me in tasks and made me feel welcomed over my time period.

To sum up my experience, if anyone was ever looking for a place with good friendly vibes and rewarding work Home Instead is the perfect place. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and I have no bad words to say about my experience and I am thankful for the opportunity and everyone in the office for making my time here as enjoyable as it was.

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