Our "Tough 5" Completed Tough Mudder for Parkinson's UK!

On a sunny but chilly Saturday afternoon in September 2019, 5 of our very brave (or mad!) team members took part in this years Tough Mudder Challenge to raise funds for Parkinson's UK. They had to work as a team to get over each of the 14 obstacles along the 5 km course to ensure they all crossed the finish line together.

The course started off ok, with a gentle jog to the first obstacle, which involved crawling along sand and water, under barbed wire positioned 18" of the ground! The next obstacle saw the 5 of them having to get over high wooden walls - this is when the bruises started! They then got introduced to mud, mud and more mud!

Along the course they had to endure being up to their waists in mud, up to their necks in water and forming a human pyramid to get the team over a high wall! All obstacles were completed as a team, with the climax of the couse being "Mudderhorn" - a 30 foot climb, which Tough Mudder describes as "the highest ohbstacle ever seen in any Tough Mudder course in the UK"!

The main reason for doing Tough Mudder was to raise funds for Parkinson's UK. Here at Home Instead Oldham & Saddleworth we have set ourselves the challenge to raise £5000 in 2019 for various charities, and this event has helped us reach a total to date of almost £2500! With 2 events to go, we are hopeful to reach our target and will continue to update you on our progress here on our website.

So well done to our 5 fantastic team members for what looks like the toughest challenge so far!  All 5 were battered and bruised after the event, but feeling very proud of themselves, as are we!

Our muddy team climbing the 30 foot Mudderhorn at Tough Mudder