Kinmel Bay Memory Cafe: Celebrating One Year Of Success!

For one whole year, we have been running our Kinmel Bay Memory Café and what better way to mark the occasion than having a party!

Discussing the idea with the group from the previous month, we all thought an Easter themed party would mark the occasion perfectly, especially due to the time of year.

Thanks to funding from the Towyn and Kinmel Bay Show, we were able to supply a lovely buffet from Mrs Buffet of Llandudno. Tesco Abergele Community Champion, Jan, also joined us and brought along some delights.

One of the group’s favourite entertainers, Kieran Eastwood-Mulvaney, joined us and had everyone’s toes tapping once again.

The group also enjoyed the Octopals that were donated courtesy of Octopals For Dementia.  The ladies who create these fidget tools donate them to benefit those living with dementia. They do however accept donations of wool, cotton and stuffing.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the celebrations, leaving us excited for the months ahead.

Memory Cafés run throughout the country, where every one is different. There is no real agenda to stick to, meaning that the group has full control over what takes place. It’s important for the group to enjoy the activities and engage in the session.

These FREE sessions run on the last Monday of every month and are open to all who are affected by memory problems. This includes those living with conditions such as dementia, their family and friends, as well as carers. Suggestions are always encouraged, and the flexible nature of the group means there’s the opportunity to cater to a variety of interests.

New faces are always welcomed, so if you or someone you know are interested in joining the sessions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or just pop along to the Kinmel Bay Community Library.