#FeelgoodFriday Our Random Act of Kindness for Sylvia

At Home Instead we recognise our Care Professionals when they go above and beyond but this time, it is the kindness of one of our clients that we wanted to reward.

We all know that having kindness in your day can make it so much better.  At Home Instead we like to recognise our Care Professionals when they go above and beyond and do something lovely for their client’s but this time, it is the kindness of one of the client’s themselves that we wanted to reward.

Sylvia lives in Kinmel Bay, Rhyl and is a carer for both of her sons, including Stephen, who is also supported by our care professionals.

Despite the many challenges that Sylvia and her family face on a daily basis, not a day goes by when she doesn’t have a smile on her face.  Her constant joy and kindness in the face of adversity is something that the care professionals wanted to acknowledge so we decided to surprise Sylvie with a little gift to say thank you and as recognition for all that she does.

Laura Hook, North Wales Care Coordinator said: “Sylvia is probably one of the most caring people I’ve ever met.  No matter what she her and her family are going through, she never grumbles or complains about her situation and always has a smile on her face and kind words to say about everyone.

Our care professionals are there to support Stephen, and offer some respite for Sylvia but she just can’t help but look after us when we are there too, always offering drinks and leaving sweet treats out for the staff.

As a family carer, Sylvia perhaps doesn’t get the necessary recognition for all that she does for her family, and all those around her.  So it’s the least we could do to thank her for always brightening our day.”

After the surprise moment, Sylvia said: “I’m a bit speechless really.  The care professionals who look after Stephen are truly wonderful and I enjoy having their company around the house.  It’s the least I can do to make sure they are looked after too and made to feel welcome in our home.  I wasn’t expecting this gift but it has really made my day, thank you so much.”

At Home Instead, we believe in making a difference for our clients and sometimes, it’s the little things that can have the biggest impact.