Caring for a Loved One at Home with Dementia 

Caring for a Loved One at Home with Dementia
Caring for a Loved One at Home with Dementia

Dementia is a term used to describe various different symptoms and is the most common illness affecting the elderly; according to The Alzheimer’s Society there are about 800,000 people in the UK living with Dementia. By 2021 it is estimated there could be as many as 940,000 people living with the illness and by 2050 an incredible 1.7 million could potentially be affected. These are just numbers but behind every statistic is a family with a loved one that requires either in home care or a nursing home. 

The illness causes people to express symptoms such as periods of being alert or drowsy, or fluctuating levels of confusion, visual hallucinations, effected speech and mood, and becoming slower in their physical movements. So when it comes to caring for someone with Dementia it can be difficult due to this illness affecting everyday activities such as cooking, cleaning, washing and bathing. 

Elderly people suffering with Dementia are most aware of it which often leaves them feeling frustrated due to their increased clumsiness and not being able to remember simple things such as where they keep things around their own home. Helping someone with dementia complete their everyday tasks around the house, or keeping up activities and pastimes they might enjoy is a key way to helping them cope with this illness, by entrusting a sense of normality upon them. 

Keeping up good nutrition and health is vital when caring for a senior with Dementia as contracting another illness can trigger further confusion and worsen other symptoms or they might simply forget themselves when and what they are meant to eat. It is also vitally important to ensure that seniors are taking any prescribed medication in the correct amount at the correct time. 

A lot will change with a family member dealing with this illness, patience and flexibility are important to keep them calm. At Home Instead Senior Care all of our caregivers undertake extensive training that has been developed in line with guidance provided by national and internationally renowned dementia and Alzheimer's experts. Caregivers are trained to: 

  •       Ensure a safe Environment
  •       Manage any change in behaviour
  •       Provide the right nutrition
  •       Encourage mind-stimulating activities
  •       Create social interaction
  •       Supervision throughout the day 

As part of our commitment to assist families help their loved ones suffering from Dementia at home and in the broader community; we are happy to provide training free of charge to arm carers with the knowledge of how to deal with the difficult behaviour sometimes associated with the illness. These can include delusions, aggressiveness, wandering, agitation and false accusations. 

We’re really proud to be able to provide care and help Seniors and their families to cope with Dementia whilst remaining safe and happy at home all across North Wales; including Abergele, Rhyl, Colwyn Bay, Conwy, Denbigh, Holywell, Llandudno, Ruthin, Prestatyn and everywhere in between! 

If you're in need of some professional help when caring for a loved one then don’t hesitate to seek it, because here at Home Instead for Conwy and Denbighshire we offer high quality services for older people in their own homes so please contact us today for peace of mind that the people you love are in the right hands.

Caring for a Loved One at Home with Dementia
Caring for a Loved One at Home with Dementia