Home Instead started caring for my Mum & Dad in September last year. We have found the CAREGivers selected to be a good match for them and the service they provide doing meals and some cleaning to be very good. When my Dad went into hospital earlier in the year we also found the office staff to be very supportive, providing guidance and advice. They quickly altered the schedule to meet our changed requirements to care for my Mum in her home and then check we were happy with it. ’’

Rod - husband (8/11/17)

'The minute the carer Lyndsey walked through the door, I heard laughter - it is so wonderful to hear her (wife) laugh again. I felt like I was getting an injection of happiness.

Daughter - Amanda- 1/11

'It is clear that Dad is more settled now and benefiting from the kindness and attentiveness of all who offer him companionship and support. Hannah took the time and trouble to encourage Dad to walk at lunchtime today, which he much enjoyed, boosted his confidence and seems to have done him lasting good. He is calmer and generally more connected this evening. Hannah’s thoughtfulness is so very much appreciated by Dad and me. Hannah, Denise, Sue, Jocelyn, Kate, Jan and Anna form Dad’s regular team at the moment. They are all marvellous, frankly, bringing conversation, laughter, mental stimulation and confidence to Dad when he needs it most. I am so grateful to them all'.

Pauline (02/10/17)

From a daughter of a client: 'say a huge thank you, from all of us, including my mum, to all of the Home Instead staff. For all of their hard work over the past couple of years. As relatives we always try our very best, growing older is a given, doing it well into later years and being properly cared for is down to wonderful people such as Home Instead '

Amanda - client's daughter, 09/17

Hi Brian, Dad has had a tough time recently. His memory is increasingly riddled with holes and he is aware of this - which makes him defensive and, sometimes, rather down. Throughout this difficult time, he has been supported by his kind CAREGivers. They are all so reassuringly capable and helpful. Recently Dad has seen a lot of Hannah who has been an absolute rock - gently negotiating Dad's ups and downs. On Monday, Denise coped superbly with Dad's discomfort when he was suffering from diarrhoea. "She was a tower of strength' he said that evening. I am very grateful and would be glad if you would pass on my thanks to them both.

Caroline (07/17)

'I wanted to say how absolutely fantastic I thought the (dementia) training was, particularly your style of delivery. I work in a community garden and we have a few people who attend with dementia and I feel much more able to help them effectively now I have some background training so THANK YOU very very much for your help and knowledge, it really was an pleasure to learn from you'

Client = Mr H

'May I thank you and your staff for the excellent and sympathetic help with my wife. I couldn't have coped without your valuable assistance'. (10/4/17)

Sue G (01/17)

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the Home Instead team for the support that was given to mum. She really appreciated the fact that she was able to stay in her own home that much longer and really looked forward to the team's visits, particularly Anne-Marie's'.

Kate W (12/16)

'Many, many thanks for your help and kindness. A very big THANK YOU to all all Home Instead, especially Cheryl, Anne-Marie and Karen who have helped my dad, Tim, and myself these past 2 weeks - could not have done it without you!'

Colin G (12/16)

Dear Alison and Brian, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both and all your team for the help and support provided for K (mum) and myself over the last few months. It has been a difficult time, not just supporting K but for me. Please thank all the girls as they understood the situation that I found myself in this sad year. Yours sincerely, Colin.

Pauline K - client's daughter

'It makes me very, very grateful that we have the lovely ladies from Home Instead helping Pops, as with us all in work, it would be extremely difficult to make arrangements between us. They are a blessing' (Nov 17)

Client's son - BG (09/16)

'Many thanks for your email and your time yesterday with my brothers and I. We, as you know, have been in contact with three care providing companies in the area to arrange for our Mother’s ongoing care. We were unanimous after our meeting yesterday in choosing Home Instead as being the most impressive and professional company we had talked to. The information we had gleaned from third party recommendations when selecting our three providers was more than reinforced during our meeting with you. We were impressed by your blend of professionalism and caring insight in meeting the needs of our Mother, even though you have yet to meet her. It was your whole approach and the atmosphere around the meeting in your office that gave us great confidence in your service'.

Ian G

Email from a client's son: 'Carer has just called to advise time. I feel like I could get on a plane tomorrow and know that my dad is being looked after. That's what you call a good first impression. Thanks' (09/16)

Alison E

To the staff at Home Instead, on behalf of the family I would like to say a big thank you to those who took care of my dad, especially Sue, Karen and Peter. He looked forward to you coming and it gave Sarah, Liz and I peace of mind. You helped us keep him in his home almost to the end. Thank you. Alison (09/16)


'This job has been my saving grace! All the great people I've met; the friends I have made and having the opportunity to become a bit more financially independent. I love working at HISC'. (08/08/16)

Mr B (Client)

I have been with Home Instead for 2 weeks and the support and companionship has improved my confidence. Anthony (CAREGiver) is so supportive and friendly - a great companion. I feel as though my needs were listened to and are being met, with opportunity to develop. Thank you. (09/16)

Sharon W (CAREGiver)

'Training given is excellent, other Care Givers and office staff are friendly and helpful. Would recommend working for Home Instead Senior Care it is a very rewarding career and clients make you feel valued' (07/16)

Judith C (26/5/16)

'Best company by far to work for. The training offered by Home Instead is more extensive - the training offered by the last place I worked for was not up to scratch. I love the way I get introduced to clients - that never happened before'

Caroline (28/4/16)

After attending a Dementia workshop - 'Thank you for caring about others even when it's not your problem; when we are all each others problem but in modern society no one cares, head down and survive'

Roy (26/4/16)

'Good research and a well considered approach has resulted in a useful and informative guide for the layman; but also puts a new perspective on the subject, useful to the more experienced as well'. Discussion with Roy regarding 'Alezheimer's or other Dementias' training workshop.

John (04/16) Fraud Prevention Toolkit

Many thanks Home Instead S C team for an extremely useful piece of kit as outlined in the .pdf document. A great reference aid for any of us undertaking relevant checks with elderly family members, friends and neighbours alike.

Sonia (4/16)

'Love the approach of dealing with dementia - has changed in 20 years - much kinder - would love to work at Home Instead, believe the individual's needs would be met and given time'. (feedback after attending an Alzheimer's and other Dementia workshop).

Kath (HISC CAREGiver 3/16)

Home Instead is a good company to work for – as a carer I have the advantage of putting my family first with the flexibility available from the office. This gives me time off with the kids in the school holidays. We also get a good rate of pay. I believe this is one of the most rewarding jobs because I am looking after people in their own home and making a difference.

Jan (HISC CAREGiver)

'I recommend Home Instead to anybody - whether they are looking for care or looking for work as a carer. I always tell potential carers about the amazing support I get and how everyone is approachable in the office. I am lucky - I love my job'. (03/16)

Anthony D

Thanks for your excellent service (7/3/16)

Wendy (24/2/16)

I must just say thank you to you again for a brilliant workshop . Both my sister and I learnt so much from it and it has really helped a lot in our understanding. The way you presented it with scenarios made it much easier to understand and we both agreed we could have sat with the group for another couple of hours continuing to learn. Hope you continue with the great work that you do .

Caroline U

I have worked in Health for more then 15 years and this has been the best training I have received in Dementia care (28/1/16)

David O

A letter from a client - David. It reads 'I am writing to thank you all for looking after Winifred so well for 2 years. Everyone at Home Instead has been so kind and loving to Winifred, it has been a pleasure to have had you all come into our home. I cannot really express just how grateful I am to all the carers and staff. Although it has been very upsetting to myself and both daughters, it was thought to be the right time for Winifred to go into a care home. I shall never forget any of you for all that you have done for us and again, thank you. I wish Home Instead Senior Care continued success for the future'. (Jan 16).

Ian and Alison S

We would like to thank you for all the care and attention you gave dad in his last few months (Jan 16)

Mary G

'I have enjoyed the care I received and met some interesting and well trained carers - I am now able to cope on my own but would always recommend your service to any of my friends. Indeed have done so over past years! With my thanks and good wishes'.

Heather, Amanda and Matthew K (Aug 15).

We just want to say thank you for all the care and attention that was given to Emily which enabled her to remain in her own home with dignity. The care she received was above and beyond and made her last few years more tolerable with the kindness and friendship she was given. Thank you again.

Susan S

Just a few lines to thank you for all the care and support you have shown to dad during the past few years. I wanted to express my gratitude to all of your team, both carers and office staff. You have dealt with his needs with great patience, kindness and concern and we couldn't have asked for better support. A special mention must be given to Karen and Rita who provided most of dad's day to day care. We will always remember their compassion, expertise and thoughfulness - all of which made an enormous difference to dad's life and enabled him to continue to live in his own home for as long as possible.

Mrs Morray

Other than when she has been on holiday, I have had the same CAREGiver, Olwen, for 3 years now. We have become such good friends and it's been a blessing and a relief knowing that she will always be the one to come.

Ian G

We owe them (the CAREGivers) all an enormous debt of gratitude for the manner in which they supported mum over the last few months. It would be difficult to speak too highly of them both as a team and as individuals, not only for their practical assistance but also their caring, down-to-earth conversation. Mum really cherished the relationships she had with them all. Personally, I am extremely grateful for your advice and guidance through this unfamiliar experience. It was immensely reassuring to know that I had someone to turn to when needed.

Richard W

We engaged services of Home Instead for my sister who is suffering with dementia. As we lived 170 miles away in North Somerset it was necessary to have care in place for her. All the caring staff were excellent and the management and office staff were most helpful in helping us solve any problem which arose, we couldn't just get there in 1/2 hour and they were more than willing to help out with her everyday living and her problems. We cannot thank them enough.We have now moved my sister into accommodation in North Somerset where they have 24 hour care and we are just 5 minutes away.

Joyce M

I'm very happy with the service. Definitely happy getting the same carer. Always had a different carer with other agencies - never knew who I was getting. I always get introduced to a new carer if needed with Home Instead.

CAREGiver and elderly lady laughing together in the kitchen
Elderly male drinking tea and chatting with CAREgiver