Honing CAREGivers’ Cooking Skills

15 July 2020, Home Instead - Greenwich & Bexley has started live cooking sessions for CAREGiver to boost their cooking skills, competency and confidence so that they can support their clients with nutritional needs. Home Instead has always been aware of the immensely important part that food plays in older people's lives, and how providing nutritious, well presented meals are a core aspect of caring.  In 2017 Home Instead, conducted a research that shows – the most important considerations for thinking about care and support was nutrition.  The research also shows that older people are particularly vulnerable to becoming malnourished, which is both a cause and a consequence of ill health. Older people whose diets are lacking nutritionally are at an increased risk of health problems such as: constipation, diarrhoea, reduced muscle and tissue mass, decreased mobility, breathing problems, chest infections, respiratory failure.

An older person’s inability to maintain a balanced diet can be a consequence of Health problems, Reduced strength, Inactivity, Illness or operation.

Home Instead has embedded “Eat Well, Drink Well, and Live Well” aspect of training in their Learning and Development programme. CAREGivers are taken through a three days training programme that includes understanding of malnutrition in older people and how we can prevent this.

- It is apparent that staying nourished is a widespread issue for people in the UK as research shows that:
- 1.3m people or 1 in 10 people over age 65 suffer from malnutrition. The majority (93%) live in the community.
- The cost of malnutrition to the health and care system is around £19bn*
- Treating someone who is malnourished is 3 times more expensive than someone who isn’t.*

Awareness of malnutrition is low – it is undetected, undertreated and underresourced and often overlooked by people working alongside older people. We recognise the issue and risks of older people

Fiona Moodliar, a Senior CAREGiver at Home Instead – Greenwich & Bexley said “I very glad that I am able to share my cooking skills and knowledge to my peers so that they support their clients eat well and live well in the community for longer”

      Fiona with office team