A session with Health & Social Care students at Thomas Tallis School

Fatta Thapa, the Owner and Director of Home Instead JBR Care Group, along with Diana DaCosta, the Operations Manager, recently conducted an engaging “I Care Ambassador” session for Year 10 Health & Social Care students at Tommas Tallis School in Kidbrook, London. This session was specifically designed to provide insights into the career prospects within the Health & Social Care industry, targeting young students aged 14-15 who are at a crucial stage in their lives and are uncertain about their future career paths.

The social care system in the UK is currently facing significant challenges and is in need of repair. One of the primary concerns is the shortage of healthcare professionals in the field. According to Skills for Care, there are presently over 1.54 million individuals employed in the social care sector, with projections indicating a need for nearly half a million more workers in the industry by 2035. With an increase in life expectancy but a decline in the quality of life in later years, the demand for care and support for older individuals is expected to rise.

During the session, Fatta and Diane shared their personal stories explaining why they chose to pursue careers in the care sector. For Fatta, it was a deeply personal experience. After completing his master’s degree in information systems, he worked as an IT Manager in Mayfair and later as a Lecturer teaching Information Systems to degree students. However, in 2015, when his mother suffered a stroke and he became aware of the shortcomings in the UK care system, he was inspired to make a difference on a larger scale. This led him to establish Home Instead franchises in Greenwich & Bexley and Lewisham & Southwark. Currently, Fatta owns two franchise offices serving areas such as Greenwich, Bexley, Sidcup, Welling, Bexleyheath, Blackheath, Kidbrook, Charlton, Plumstead, Thamesmead, Charlton, Shootershill, Lewisham, Southwark, Lee, Grove Park, Catford, Brockley, Surrey Quays, Bermondsey, New Cross, Peckham, Lambeth, and surrounding regions.

Diana shared her journey of starting as a support worker and progressing to her current role as the Group Operations Manager at Home Instead JBR Care Group, which manages multiple franchise offices.

In addition to their roles at Home Instead, Fatta is also an “I Care Ambassador” for Skills for Care. In this capacity, he actively promotes careers in the care sector, aiming to inspire more individuals to join the health & social care workforce. Fatta firmly believes that we must engage with young people and cultivate their interest in pursuing careers in care, as there are few jobs as rewarding as those in health & social care. Addressing the crisis in the sector requires a collaborative effort, and Fatta suggests the following strategies:

Educating and nurturing young people to become future health & social care workers and leaders.
Attracting individuals from other sectors who possess compassion, a drive to make a difference, and transferable skills.
Attracting skilled workers from overseas who are already employed in health & social care in their home countries.
By implementing these measures, we can work towards resolving the challenges currently faced by the health & social care sector.