COVID-19: Live-in care is the safest care option

05 March 2021, The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted everyone around the world. In the UK alone, there were more than 4 million cases of COVID-19 to date. With older adults being impacted the most, it has left people wondering about the different care options available to them. Whilst many people live in care facilities, these facilities leave older adults more vulnerable. There are many social benefits to care facilities, however, for some, these benefits may be outweighed by the risk of serious illness.

One option that many older adults are choosing is live in care. Live in care for your loved ones provides many benefits.

Familiar surroundings

Ageing can be extremely hard on individuals and families. Many health conditions surface later in life and require skilled medical care. This medical care can be easily given in facilities, but with the right measures can also be given at home. Live-in care enables people to get their medical needs met whilst staying in the comfort of their own home. This comfort can improve the mood and outcomes of your loved ones. This is especially true for those dealing with memory losses and dementia.

Familiar surroundings during the pandemic provide a sense of security in a very uncertain time. Live-in care assures you that your loved one will be in the best place possible getting the care they need.

Less exposure

One of the risk factors for acquiring COVID-19 is being in close quarters with many people. Some care facilities have two people to a room and are filled with other older adults. While many are suffering from non-contagious medical conditions, if one of them becomes sick it can more easily spread to everyone in the facility.

Living at home helps older adults have less exposure to people who could potentially become sick, thereby exposing them to illness. They can limit the number of people who visit. They can stay isolated if they become sick, all whilst receiving excellent care. Their live-in care provider can grocery shop for them and prepare meals while using precautions to limit exposure to potentially sick people.

Safer social interactions

One of the challenges with managing the pandemic especially amongst older adults in facilities is allowing them to be social whilst still being safe. A live-in care provider not only offers care but can become a much-needed source of social interaction. These social interactions are safer because the care provider is not going from room to room as they would at a facility. Your ageing parents can also safely have a few people over as long as no one has been exposed to illness or is exhibiting signs of sickness themselves.

These social interactions are vital to improving the mental health of older adults. This pandemic has impacted mental health in such a negative way. Home care may provide a better solution. Plus, having someone in the home means there is someone to care for your loved one when you aren’t able to be there. They’ll be able to get help immediately if an emergency arises.

Home Instead Greenwich & Bexley provides home care for older people in their own home and due to the pandemic more and more people are opting for our live-in care services. Let’s closely look at some of the benefits of Home Instead live-in care services in comparison to care homes.

Home Instead Live-in CareCare Homes
Bespoke person-centered care at client’s own homes where they have beautiful memories and familiar faces in the community.

One-to-one support
from carefully matched CAREGivers.

Continue enjoying favorite home cooked meal supported by our skilled CAREGivers, keeping your daily routine that suits you.

If you have a pet, they can continue living with you, infact, Home Instead will match you with a pet loving CAREGiver who will not support you but also give you hand in pet care.

For couples, you can live together and continue enjoying each others company and Home Instead CAREGivers will support you both. Live-in care cost for couple comparatively works out a lot cheaper as you will be paying by number of CAREGivers not by number of clients.

Continuity of Care
– you will have a set of regular CAREGiver with whom you will develop a meaningful relationship. Because they are matched with our clients on the basis of their personality and interest, they will have common ground to interact and build a relationship.
Not possible with care homes due to nature of institutional care. Need to adjust in new place and adapt to new way of life and routine.

One-to-many support, one carer supports many clients and they can’t give individual attention to everyone.

No provision of individual choices, a blanket approach with set meal at a set times, which may not suit everyone.

Most of care home do not allow pets.

In most care homes, it is not possible to live together as a couple and share room. In most cases if you are placed a same care home, you will be in different room and even in different floor or building. Cost wise, cost per resident so, it will be a bit expensive for couples.

Most care homes do not have capacity to provide individual attention and use agency staffs, which means different faces all the time which creates barrier and confusion.

Home Instead Greenwich & Bexleyis rated outstanding by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and provide home care services in Greenwich, Bexley and surrounding area, including Bexleyheath, Welling, Shooters Hill, Kidbrook, Sidcup, Eltham, Mottingham, Woolwich, Plumstead, Thamesmead, Deptford, Lewisham, Lee, Catford, Brockley, New Cross, Peckham, Surrey Quays. For more information please contact Home Instead Greenwich & Bexley office on 0203 771 8424 or visit our website at
Home Instead CAREGiver supporting client with baking