Each one of Home Instead home care staff is able to respond to the particular needs my mother has at the time of the visit and manage those needs with care and attention to detail. They do this while while having conversations that help to maintain her sense of self worth. As we know home care relies on the quality of the staff and their capacity to focus on the individual they are supporting and your staff are consistent examples of how to do that. ’’

Mrs Irene Scott

Carers who really CARE!

Mrs Kathleen Phillips

Simple answer the service is excellent!

Duncan Menzies - Client

Having spent seven weeks in St. Thomas’s Hospital in London, it was with some trepidation that I was told I could go home and have carers to look after me. You see, I know elderly friends who, in the past. Have had carers and have not always been too pleased with the result.

Well, N and L were the first to greet me on 24th December 2015 and I’m full of praise with the result.

Because the Council were prepared to finance me for another six weeks I turned for help to another carer group and did I notice the difference in quality and willingness to “go that extra mile” !

Starting 22nd February, I am more that pleased to return to “Home Instead”. N (who also does my shopping) together with L on occasions have both been a tremendous help to me in so many ways. No longer is it “Here’s your food” or “my bus is soon coming” but two people who can and are willing to spend time with a little chat to liven up the day. Their work is of a tremendously high standard above that which I usually impose upon myself. So I offer my grateful thanks.