Specialist Dementia and Alzheimers Home Care

A diagnosis of Dementia is life changing for the person experiencing dementia as well as for their carers, family and friends. However, that does not necessarily mean the end of independent living or living well on the journey with dementia with a partner. We know that with the right level of support and understanding it can be possible to live well with dementia in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of home.

 At Home Instead Fareham and Gosport we have supported many clients living with dementia along their journey and provided support and assistance to partners, families and other loved ones often in partnership with other health care professionals.

 We can carefully tailor our services to provide the right level of support to enable clients living with dementia to remain independent in their own homes for as long as possible.

 Our approach focuses on 2 key areas:

  • Providing a model of care that encourages the best outcomes for our clients living with dementia
  • Ensuring that we give our caregivers the necessary tools and support to provide specialist dementia care

  Our Model of Care

 We start from the position that each client is unique with their own life history and personality. It also true that every client’s journey is unique and they will be impacted by their dementia in different ways over time. It is crucial to focus care and support on what the client can do, not what they cannot do, and tailor support to enable the client and promote and support their continuing independence.

 We carefully match our Caregivers to our clients based on factors such as personality, common hobbies and interests to ensure that a relationship of trust develops as quickly as possible. We ensure continuity and consistency of support with the same Caregivers who will always have been fully briefed by a member of our office team, introduced to the client and had the opportunity to “shadow” calls to the client to ensure that they are familiar with the client and their routines and that the clients is comfortable with them.

  All of our care visits are 1 hour minimum in length as we believe that quality care cannot be rushed. Caring for someone with dementia requires patience and understanding and our Caregivers need to have the time to make sure that on each visit they are able to respond to what may be their client’s changing needs and desires.

  Our Caregivers do not wear uniforms as we believe that this can be a barrier to the development of a companionship based relationship and an unnecessary indicator of vulnerability.

   CAREGiver Training

  We have an ongoing professional development programme for all our Caregivers with a particular emphasis on supporting people living with dementia.

  All Caregivers have dementia awareness training as part of their induction training. This includes a thorough understanding of how dementia affects people and uses a case study approach to provide an understanding of bespoke support for clients and promoting independence by only intervening as a client’s needs or wishes require support.

  We follow up with Vocationally Related Qualifications (VRQ’S) in the Principles of Dementia Care and combine this with Home Instead's unique City and Guilds accredited training designed by experts in the dementia care field.

  The City and Guilds qualification focuses on  key areas including managing behaviours, supporting the family and using resources and activities to stimulate and engage clients.

  Additionally we have a network of other professionals, community groups and other organisations who support people living with dementia and their families that we can refer clients and families to as needs may demand.

  We are committed through training, building links with other professionals and organisations and by taking a holistic approach to clients and their families to be the local provider of choice for specialist dementia care and support for people living with dementia who choose to remain living at home.

  If you would like to discuss our approach or think we can help please do call us on 01329 282 469 for an informal discussion.