Our Sunflower Competition

We are having a sunflower growing competition for Clients and CAREGivers.

Gardening has been shown to be very good for us and particularly for people living with dementia. It encourages us to be outdoors, exercise, lower stress and increase serotonin levels. Gardening impacts on our senses, we all experience the people-plant connection. We all see, feel, smell or taste the wonders of our gardens, vegetable patch or window sill.

Even if you have no garden, growing flowers on a window sill or patio can be very rewarding. So, we hope that by helping our sunflower seeds to develop our clients and staff will enjoy watching the sunflowers emerge as well as trying to grow the tallest sunflower.

Our plants are currently in small pots, they will need repotting to larger pots in a few weeks’ time.

Setting up this competition has been a team effort.

* Tracey has planted up giant sunflower seeds in pots of compost.
* Our Head of Client Services, Vicky has a daughter, Lily, aged 10, who loves art, so Lily has drawn and coloured a picture of sunflowers.
* My mother has had printed up Lily’s picture to form the wraps for the pots.
* Our CAREGivers will distribute the pots to their clients’ homes and also take pots home to grow themselves.

We hope to have completed the distribution of pots by Easter – some of the seeds are already sprouting!

We did run a similar competition last year and had some fantastic results so let’s hope we can grow some tall sunflowers again this year.

The Client and the CAREgiver who grow the tallest plants will receive prizes later in the year.

I hope to post photographs of how the sunflowers are growing over the next few weeks.

Last years winner