Our Caregiver Drop In session

We have caregiver meetings monthly, for the last two years due to COVID they have been virtual, so it was a huge event last week when we had our very first face to face meeting.

We hired Theydon Bois Village Hall and organised teas, coffee and cake and had a drop-in meeting. As many staff as possible were scheduled to drop in for a catch up during the morning.

It was lovely!

We were able to catch up on news and we were able to brief staff on our new initiatives. We have a new way of giving our staff praise – it is aptly called praiseworthy! It is a great invention, people are given a QR code and can complete a message of praise about a caregiver or a colleague, this is then sent to them in the form of a praiseworthy certificate. A great way to show appreciation of someone and a lovely thing to receive in the post.

As staff left, they picked up their bag of PPE, expense forms, refer a friend flyer and their Easter egg!

We will have face to face meetings quarterly with virtual meetings on the other months.

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