Top tips for boosting your mood

It is very important, especially with winter coming, to keep an upbeat state of mind. It is very easy in the shorter days of winter to feel less inclined to do things and this can lead to feeling down and depressed.

Here are a few easy ways you can boost your mood:

Eat Healthy Foods

Start the day with porridge, a bowl of slow-releasing wholegrain oats provides enough energy to keep you going all morning, and for lunch, instead of summer salads eat healthy winter soups. It is the time of year when we crave comforting foods; stews and casseroles made with lots of winter vegetables fit the bill perfectly.


Try to ‘sit less move more’. A recent study in the European Health Journal i has shown that even if we stand rather than sit we are exercising with resulting health benefits. We use muscles in our legs, bottom and abdomen just to keep our bodies standing.

We have DVDs in the office, which our clients can borrow, on exercises for seniors which can then be incorporated into the daily routine. CAREGivers are always keen to help clients with their exercises and make it more fun!


The more we laugh the more we feel better. Laughing releases endorphins into our body which increase serotonin levels in our brain, causing us to instantly feel happier. Life doesn’t need to always be taken too seriously!

Think Positive

When you wake up in the morning lay there and think of a few things that you are grateful for – a lovely daughter, son, grandchildren and so on and see how it makes your mood lighter.

Talk to someone

Whether it’s a friend, relative, neighbour or CAREGiver, knowing you have someone you can turn to, can help to put your mind at ease. Don’t forget to be there for someone else too, as this can brighten your mood just as much as you have the satisfaction of knowing you have helped someone else.

Surround yourself with scents

Some scents are scientifically proven ii to make you happy. Certain smells can lift your mood or soothe you. Sometimes when we feel our mood dipping it is good to use scents within the home. Lavender and vanilla have relaxing and happiness properties, whereas citrus creates happy and stimulating feelings. Suggest a trip out with your CAREGiver to the High Street, spend some time smelling samples of room fragrances/diffusers Buy your favourite and try it at home.

Take deep breaths

Deep breaths can relieve stress and increase relaxation. Simply place one hand on the abdomen and one hand on the lower ribs and take a breath that starts in your abdomen and works its way up your body. Control your breathing by breathing in for 3 to 5 seconds, hold for the same amount of time and exhale the air out through your mouth slowly. Do this for 3 minutes and you will feel the stress melt away.

I hope you find these ideas helpful, our next article will be ideas on some exercises you can maybe incorporate into your daily routine.

See you at the Christmas party! Victoria.



i Dr. Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, director of preventive cardiology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester


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