Sending Sunshine

We are trialling a new project called Sending Sunshine. We have been in touch with the Head Teacher at Epping Junior School and she has almost 60 children who she is trying to encourage to write letters rather than text people!

We thought it would be a great idea to let these children write letters to our clients who would then write back to them. Similar to being pen pals.

Those clients taking part will write to a child (approximately 9-10 years old) telling them what school life was like for them when they were their age.

The letters do not need to be long but we feel the children will learn not only how to write letters but also a little about life years ago before Play Stations and mobile phones! We thought some of our clients would enjoy taking part, enjoy receiving letters telling them a little about school life today.

The letters will just have first names no surnames and no home addresses as we have to keep everybody’s personal information secure

 Once a letter has been written by a client it will be handed it to their CAREGiver and they will bring it into the office. One of our office staff, Debbie Dore, will take the letters down to school. She will also collect the letters from school and distribute them to you via our CAREGivers.

If this is successful further letters could be on life when are clients were young, weekends, holidays and so on. I think it could be a really interesting project and hope lots of our clients decide to take part in SENDING SUNSHINE.