Planes, Trains and Automobiles! Or for us Walking, Driving and Flying!


We take our clients out for short walks so that they get some healthy fresh air. These walks can be any length depending on the client and the weather! They can involve simply walking round the garden, walking to a local park or to the local shops and cafes.

If the client cannot walk then wherever possible we will use a wheel chair to get the client out if they wish to go.


Our CAREGivers often take clients out in the CAREGiver’s car. This may be to appointments at the doctor’s surgery or at the hospital, we then stay with the client and take them home when they are ready. Using a car can be a useful way of us helping the client gets his or her shopping done. One client’s favourite is a trip to Epping on a Monday to get her shopping and walk down the High Street looking at all the market stalls.

We also drive to garden centres for a walk around the various plants and then sometimes have a drink in the café. One trip recently involved afternoon tea at a local garden centre which made a fantastic afternoon.

We take clients out to museums, the Olympic Park, and other places of interest last year the most interesting was possibly Kevin taking his client to the Tower of London to see all the poppies.

If for any reason we need a more specialised vehicle to transport our clients then we use a local specialist taxi company.


For the first time recently a client asked if her CAREGiver could accompany her on a trip involving flying! The client’s son is very poorly and was keen for his mother to see him and so he arranged a private flight for her and her CAREGiver to fly them to see him and then return later that day. They were really lucky as they were upgraded to a slightly larger plane and had drinks on board.

It was an amazing experience especially for the mother who not only was made to feel very special, having an airplane at her disposal, but also she was able to spend several hours with her son with whom she is very close.


As yet we have had no special outings by train but we will remedy this in the very near future!

Client and CAREGiver about to board!
Client and CAREGiver about to board!

office group photo with CQC 'Outstanding' award
Family welcoming a Home Instead care manager into their home