Our Care Quality Commission (‘CQC’) report summary and fantastic quotes

We had our CQC inspection in November 2015, the Inspector asks five main questions about services and rated all good and found no issues. The inspector talked to clients, relatives, CAREGivers and office staff. Here is a summary of the Inspector’s report including some of the fantastic quotes from clients, their family, our staff and fellow professionals. The full CQC report can be read by following the link on the left hand side of our main web page.

Is the service safe?

The service was safe.

Staff were aware of their roles and responsibilities in reducing people’s risk of harm.

Recruitment procedures and staffing levels ensured care was provided to meet people’s needs.

Staff ensured that people received their medicines as prescribed.

 “The care staff look after me very well and I feel very safe when they are here.”

 People also said that they were able to talk to with the staff and have a laugh and joke together.

 A relative told us that, “I feel that family member is in safe hands at all times and the care staff are careful when providing the care.”

Another relative said, “It’s marvellous and I can see that my family member is very happy with the care and feels safe.”

Is the service effective?

The service was effective.

Staff were supported to do their job and an ongoing training programme was in place to ensure that

they had the knowledge and skills to care for people who used the service.

The provider had procedures and training in place for staff regarding the Mental Capacity 2005 (MCA) and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS). and staff were aware of their responsibilities. This meant that people were not at risk of unlawful restrictions being placed on them.

People’s social, health and nutritional needs were met.

People spoke positively about the care workers and were satisfied with the care and support they received.

One person told us, “The carer staff are very good and help me with whatever I need.”

Another person told us that, “The carers are really cheerful and they make sure everything has been done before they leave.”

Relatives we spoke with said they all felt that the care and support provided by care staff met their family member’s needs.

One relative said, “My family member has dementia care needs and the staff really understand and take time to help them in a very kind and effective way.”

Is the service caring?

The service was caring.

Care was provided in a caring and respectful way.

People’s rights to privacy, dignity and independence were valued by staff.

People were involved in reviewing their care needs and were able to express their views and make

changes to their care.

People and their relatives confirmed that the staff were very kind and caring. For example, one person said, “They help me with everything that I need and make sure that I am happy and comfortable before they leave.”

Another person said, “They never rush me and they are very kind and respectful towards to me.”

Another person said, “The staff help me with my personal care needs and I really look forward to seeing them.”

 A relative said, “The staff and manager are really excellent and always make sure my family member is well looked after.”

 We also saw a compliment the service received from a person which read; “You and your staff have been exceptionally kind and caring and have helped me through a very difficult time with great compassion. The service you have provided has been invaluable and I am most grateful and appreciative of your ‘personal touch’.”

Another person said, “I couldn’t be better looked after and the staff take their time and never rush me.”

The staff we met spoke with a great deal of warmth and affection about their work and the care they provided for people. One staff member said, “I really love my job and enjoy providing the best care possible.”

Is the service responsive?

The service was responsive.

People were regularly involved in reviewing their care and support provided by the service to ensure it met their needs. People’s feedback was valued and issues people raised were dealt with in an open and transparent way.

People were supported with activities to avoid social isolation.

People were aware of the complaints procedure and felt confident that their complaint would be dealt with thoroughly.

“My family member’s care is regularly reviewed and any changes to calls are made as necessary.”

 A person said, “They increased the care package to support family member when their needs changed.”

People said they were able to choose the care workers they preferred, the time of their care, how they wished to be addressed and how they wanted their care to be delivered.

One person said, “Any new staff are always introduced to me so that I can get to know them before they give me care.

The registered manager told us about a monthly community club called ‘Memory Lane Café’ that the service had developed to provide social activities for people to enjoy locally. Activities included gardening, pets afternoon, music and singing and lots of tea and biscuits. One person we spoke with said that they had enjoyed visiting the club and was looking forward to the Christmas events.

The provider had also sent out a regular newsletter giving people a range of information including forthcoming events.

We also saw that one member of care staff had assisted a person to visit to their favourite football club and a cricket ground in London. This had been as a result of a request from the person. This showed that the service was prepared to ‘go the extra mile’ to provide people with social opportunities and to help to prevent people from becoming socially isolated.

Is the service well-led?

The service was well-led.

Robust procedures were in place to monitor and review the safety and quality of people’s care and

support. The registered manager also showed us a file containing numerous cards from people and their relatives expressing a great deal of satisfaction with the care that had been provided.

One comment from a relative stated, “Home Instead has been a godsend to our family over the last year and we are most grateful.”

The service regularly and consistently considered the quality of care it provided and took appropriate action where required. This was by speaking with people, their relatives, staff and health care professionals,’ whose views were regularly sought.

Staff worked in partnership with other organisations and this was confirmed through the positive comments from health care professionals we spoke with. These included, “This service works closely with us and they proactively deal with issues in a very professional and efficient manner.”

office group photo with CQC 'Outstanding' award
Family welcoming a Home Instead care manager into their home