Let’s start the New Year with a New Year’s Resolution – Exercise more in 2015

Office team on the Memory Walk
Office team on the Memory Walk

We in the office have decided to do more exercise in the New Year. Those of us with dogs are used to walking these daily and we have taken part in Santa runs and Memory Walks in the past, but this next year we will try to be even more active. To start with we are going to try and get up earlier and walk our dogs for longer each morning – Bess the office dog will love this!

Everyone knows that it’s good to exercise to stay fit and healthy, but with adults aged 65 and over spending an average of 10 hours a day sitting down, maintaining an exercise regime for older people is vital. Whilst you should check with your doctor before engaging in any kind of exercise, the following are simple, low-intensity NHS-recommended exercises which can still make a difference to your health and wellbeing:

  1. To develop and maintain upper back flexibility, sit on a chair and cross your arms with your hands on your shoulders. Using just your upper body, twist to the left and hold for five seconds before twisting to the right.
  2. To stretch your calves, place both hands against a wall and, keeping both feet flat, bend one leg whilst stepping the other behind you, keeping it straight. You will feel the stretch in the straightened leg. Repeat with the opposite leg and alternate three times.
  3. To strengthen leg muscles place your hands on the back of a chair and stand with your feet hip-width apart. Slowly bend your knees as far as you can, keeping your back straight. Slowly raise yourself up and repeat five times.
  4. To improve and maintain balance, face a wall and stretch your arms out so that your fingertips touch the wall. Lift one leg, keeping the other one slightly bent, and hold for five to ten seconds. Repeat three times for each leg.

We have some exercise DVDs for seniors in the office and our CAREGivers can go through them with you if you wish.  It could be a fun thing to do.

Getting started!
Getting started!

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