Growing sunflower seeds competition

We thought during lockdown it was a good idea to encourage growing things. So earlier this year all our clients and CAREGivers were given a pot with a sunflower seed planted in it. We also handed out packets of salad seeds to those who fancied growing something edible.

We are now starting to receive photographs of how the sunflower seeds have developed. Some are really tall and fantastic.

We will be deciding on a winner next month when a sunflower themed prize will be awarded and I will post details here of the winning plant.

I think there is an enormous benefit to people to see plants grow and to help them grow. Looking at a beautiful flower such as a sunflower never fails to bring a smile to one’s face. It is our aim to make a difference to the lives of our clients and our sunflower seeds are one example of things we do to help us achieve that goal.

Our CAREGivers help our clients and encourage them to grow things whether it be in a garden, a patio or a window sill and they get some fantastic results.