Creating a music playlist

We want to set up music playlists (approximately 10 tracks) for any client who would like one, there is so much evidence proving the benefit music can have on our lives.
Music is engaging! Research shows that singing activates the left side of the brain and listening to music sparks activity in the right-hand side. Music means that the whole brain is stimulated, and more mind power than usual is being exercised.
Singing and music is also reported to help retain speech and language, help tackle anxiety and depression and improve quality of life.
Music clearly has a huge impact on the lives of people living with dementia and music is just one of the ways our CAREGivers help our clients to live life well. By creating a playlist tailored to each client we can unlock memories, create conversations, lift spirit and enjoy singing along to some fantastic music.

We have started using my own grandmother to see how to select the tracks and see what memories are attached to them I have listed our results here.  We used the BBC music archive as our starting point then added other tracks to this.

Barbara’s tracks (my grandmother)

It was very difficult to choose just a few tracks but each of these brings back lovely, happy memories and listening to them will certainly brighten up any day!

Three Little Maids are we – Gilbert & Sullivan Mikado

I was one of 6 children and my elder brother and sister were in the amateur operatic society and later so too was I so the house was always full of singing. This was one of our favourites.

Blue Birds Over White Cliffs of Dover – Vera Lynn
Made famous during the war but was often sang after and with my grandchildren later still.

I’m in the mood for love - Ivy Benson Band
Ivy was from Bentham one of the neighbouring villages to the village I was brought up in. Her band was very popular and played a lot in my youth.

You’ll never know how much I love you – The Shannon Singers.

This was a song I would dance with my boyfriend- John – later my husband, John loved to foxtrot.

Buttons and Bows -Dinah Shore

Another dancing favourite.

Que Sera Sera – Doris Day 

When we were courting, we would watch the Doris Day films at our local cinema, it was a great night out.  Then in the following years we would sing her songs when on long trips in the car. We did not have a car radio so whenever we went anywhere, we would sing to make the time go fast. We would take it in turns choosing the next song to sing.

Living Doll – Cliff Richards

I have memories of dancing to this in the lounge at Christmas. Christmas was such a fun, family time.

Oh, What a beautiful Morning – Gordon MacRae

Another favourite when singing in the car with John and daughter Jenny. John had a lovely singing voice.

Walk Tall – Val Donegan

This brings back memories of Saturday evenings. He had a Saturday evening show on TV he always wore a jumper and sang seated in a rocking chair!

The Lambeth Walk – from Me and My Girl.

One of the first theatre trips we did with John, daughter Jenny and her children was to go and see Me and My Girl. The songs were from our era and it was lovely to teach our grandchildren some of the songs – this was their favourite.

Maureen will be starting to create playlists for our clients along with their CAREgivers from next week. We are really excited about this project.

Victoria (owner)
music playlists