Why We Shine 

We are committed to ensuring that we build a fantastic team to provide the highest quality of care for our clients and their families, giving peace of mind for all those concerned. Our CAREGivers are carefully selected on attributes that are vital to our philosophy of to us its personal and our mission statement of, we are changing the face of aging means we are constantly evaluating and looking at ways to improve the life of a senior. Also forever searching for amazing people who have it in their hearts to offer support to someone that needs them. We ask ourselves, would we want this person supporting our Parent or indeed ourselves? Do they have a genuinely caring nature and would they go that extra mile for their client? We look at a friendly persona, a ready smile and can they effectively talk to someone with the dignity and respect which everyone should receive.   If someone is successful through the initial process, after we have looked at their six references, and the DBS is clear, we proceed with an intense four day training covering everything in order to be able to deliver the very best quality of care and support to a senior. Included in the introductory course is Home Instead very own Alzheimer & Dementia awareness city and guilds module 1 & 2 (This seven module course is accredited by city and guilds devised by experts especially for us in dementia) the remaining five modules are delivered in the months that follow. Our new CAREGivers have mentoring with a senior until they feel ready to give our office schedulers their availability.  We try and match as much as possible our CAREGivers to our clients’ interests and hobbies .We also believe very strongly that there are only a small number of CAREGivers per client. This means strong friendships will develop and a unique bond will be formed. Also because our CAREGivers know a client so well they can pick up quickly on anything that does not seem right or a concern. 

Ultimately we often say, treat everyone like you would want to be treated yourself. Respect , dignity and giving our clients choices , listening to their opinions , complementing them to make them feel a little uplifted and being a trusted friend is so vital . We listen to our clients and try to make them feel valued. An appropriate sense of humor also gives the fun and laughter that comes with an understanding and emotional attachment. Yes we are professional but we also encourage our CAREGivers to really get to know there client.  We work closely with any family members so there is complete peace of mind for them.   As a company we ask our CAREGiver to look smart and respectable at all times as we do not have a uniform policy. This is because we want to feel we are that trusted friend and there are no barriers with a them and us mind-set. Our clients have commented they feel so happy that when out in the community it’s not seen that they need a carer.  Obviously I.D badges are placed appropriately.  We now use a digital system of storage of information for our clients called Mobizio . This means there are no bulky folders laying around the client’s home with their personal and sensitive information for anyone to see. Also if there a concern, worry or just something to be noted a CAREGiver can type it in the Mobizio and everyone who supports that client will know. This saves time for communication to get through without delay.  

Compassion should be second nature as we will be a senior one day and may need help ourselves.. We fully support all of our staff.  We are always there to listen and help where we can. Whether it’s ongoing support due to home circumstances, ill health or any worries, we will do our very best. We are also signed up to the Employee Assistance Programme which offers confidential information and counselling if someone would like to receive help from someone outside of the company. . We want our CAREGivers to feel equally valued and supported so they can carry on doing an exceptional job which sometimes due to a client’s ill health can be challenging.  Another aspect of our role which we think is so vital. If a client passes away, we keep tags on any family member for as long as they want to offer a friendly smile and to show them we really do care.  Getting back to our unique Alzheimer awareness course, there is a whole module on dignity and respect for a client with memory loss and showing family members that we understand the worry and stress they too are feeling.  We build the TRUST  We take the LEAD  We SHARE OUR HEART .   It goes without saying we emphasise that we are not there to judge, speculate or gossip and judge how family members should act. When you’re in that privileged position and have close relationships with clients and their families, it is vital that we don’t get drawn in to any family arguments.  At Home Instead, we will do whatever it takes to retain the very best staff, in order that the clients care and support is the very best it can be. Ultimately that is what we all would want for ourselves.   There are so many negative stories in the press about terrible domiciliary homecare.  I will round off by saying, I feel very confident in saying, if all seniors that needed care at home had Home Instead,  the world would be a better place.