Have you heard of reminiscence therapy?

Have you heard of reminiscence therapy?

This is a psychotherapeutic approach to managing the symptoms of living with dementia.

The crux of reminiscence therapy is the preservation of long-term memories and working on keeping an individual’s life story alive in their minds. The effect of this kind of therapy is two-fold: firstly, reminiscence therapy has been shown to improve the cognitive ability of an individual with dementia, and secondly, the action of preserving and retelling memories has an overwhelmingly positive impact on the individual’s mood and wellbeing.

If your loved one is living with dementia, you will most likely be familiar with the fact that some days, they can feel distressed and confused. Reminiscing about happy memories from childhood and young adulthood can help your relative feel more relaxed and happier, whilst also helping you and your family members bond with your elderly relative.

Reminiscing and talking about your loved one’s life story have been shown to be powerful ways of communicating with an individual who is living with dementia, and so we want to offer some guidance on how to enjoy a reminiscence activity with your elderly family member.

Here are some ideas of what to talk about with them:

• Their wedding day• Music and favourite records from their youth• Holiday snaps• Their school days• The birth of their children• Their past jobs• Favourite childhood foods• Family traditions• Childhood pets

Keep a lookout for our post early next month for more tips on how to bond and reconnect with loved ones living with dementia!