Food Glorious Food


Every magazine, I flick through, every online media publication, I click on, as well as on the TV it’s a subject you just can’t ignore. Food, diets and health matters relating to nutrition. It’s always in the public eye, like it or not. Here at Home Instead Senior care, East Herts, we seem to talk about food an awful lot.  We examine each other’s packed lunches and throughout the day discuss options for our evening meals. That’s without the snack chat at intervals during the day. (We do work hard as well)  Eating healthily and eating well is vital for our all-round physical and mental health. As we age this is never more important as we can improve not only our bodies but increase mental alertness, energy levels and resistance to illness.

Eating healthily and eating well is vital for our all-round physical and mental health. There is a very true saying, you are what you eat and this is never so vital when we approach middle age and beyond.   This is because we are able to sustain our mental alertness to its full potential, improve our energy levels and develop a better resistance to infection.  Physically by keeping our weight within the healthy weight range for our height, our mobility isn’t slowed down with excess weight. Our joints are under less strain so we can prevent deterioration of any arthritis that we may suffer. Also we can help prevent Heart disease, high blood pressure, Diabetes, bone loss resulting in osteoporosis and some cancers.   Being and feeling healthy obviously has a direct impact on our quality of life  it’s never too late to change habits of a lifetime  and eating properly isn’t about dramatically cutting out our favourite treats but finding a balance and making some sensible choices.  It’s certainly not meant to be drastic or restrictive.  


As we age our life styles alter from our busy working schedule or demands from our family to more sedentary activities that we can participate in at our leisure. We may become lazy about what we eat or simply over eat because we have the time on our hands to do so.  It’s easy to over eat when sitting in front of the TV but sometimes people lose their appetite and along with that, can’t really be bothered to cook. Especially if it’s just for them.  If were burning fewer calories because we are expanding less energy than eating a little less won’t be a problem but we all need enough calories and nutrients to maintain healthy organs, muscles and bones. We can all fall victim to bad habits which can have consequences for our future health.  Equally dental problems and ill-fitting dentures add to the difficulty of choosing some foods that could benefit us nutritionally so regular dental checks are important.  It is proven that a diet sufficient in a good quality protein can help improve your mood, boost your resistance to stress, anxiety and depression and even help you think more clearly. However eating too much low quality protein from industrially raised red meat and processed meat products, such as hot dogs, bacon and salami, may cause, cancer and other health problems. As well as increasing your risk of heart disease.  Foods rich in calcium are really important as we age. A healthy diet rich in Calcium, Vitamin D along with gentle exercise can help in improving bone density which in turn is needed to prevent osteoporosis.   

At Home Instead, our introduction training includes Food preparation. Food health and safety, and how to advise a senior to make healthy meal choices.  The mandatory Care certificate that we all have to complete also has a food and nutrition module so we can be sure to be knowledgeable and competent when supporting others.  Our Care Givers are also relied upon to assist with shopping tasks and whatever is needed in order to keep healthy and well.  It is also worth mentioning that if anybody has problems with their weight and wants to actively address this, General Practitioners in our area will refer to any of the Slimming World groups.  Of course our Care Givers can accompany the client to any group in the locality. If they are able to get out of the house.  Some clients will value a companion that can be on hand for advice on food choices.  Slimming World is about making healthy life style choices not a drastic quick fix.  Losing weight this way with the support of a group is known to be more effective and endorse good eating habits for life.  Another company that has an excellent reputation is the home delivery service of Wiltshire Farm Foods.  They are the UKs leading frozen meals delivery service, with over 300 meals and deserts to choose and also they cater for any special diets. Ordering is straight forward and there is a 24 hour customer help line.  There are many ways that Care Givers can assist, and all our services are adaptable, flexible and individually tailor made to suit.    

We are eager to recruit caring compassionate people to help support a senior in their own home.  If you feel you can make a difference , please ring Home Instead, East Herts and uttlesford and ask to speak to Tony Perry on 01279- 721443.