“Buggard if I remember”

This was written by one of our CAREGiver Julia 

I have this sad and degenerate disease

It’s not truly very kind

I’m still in my old body

But I’m not still in my mind

I’ve known and loved you 60 years

You’re always by my side

But when you go and hold my hand

Who you are? I can’t decide

You sit down close beside me

Your face does ring a bell

But who the hell you truly are

I really could not tell

I ask you several times a day

How I know your face

You slowly touch my precious hand

With a strange sad look upon your face

“Why I’m your wife my Darling”

“We’ve been married 60 years”

“We got married in the city and got three

Truly special kids”

“Put the kettle on” I say

“I’ve asked you once or twice “

“I made you one my darling”

“You said it was very nice”

“Buggard if I remember”

“Are you so sure that’s true”

“Nothing wrong with my memory”

“Think it must be you”

Well put the kettle on then

I fancy a nice cup a tea

Well what was I doing now

And why are you still here with me

Well put the kettle on I say

There’s really no need to shout

And when you bring me a biscuit

Lock the door on your way out.