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Senior care at home services in East Herts and Uttlesford

We understand that your own home is where you feel the most comfortable and where you feel happiest. Whether it’s Bishops Stortford or Sawbridgeworth, it’s the place you know best and are most familiar with. Unfortunately, you may be faced with the possibility of having to move out of the home you love as you age, but this does not need to be the case. If you or your loved one want to remain living comfortably at home, then we can help you make that choice an informed one. We are Home Instead Senior Care in East Herts and Uttlesford. We are changing the UK’s attitude to elderly care and to ageing with our distinctive approach to supporting people at home with dedicated and professional senior care.

Professional Home Care Provider in East Herts and Uttlesford

Mark Greatbatch runs Home Instead Senior Care East Herts and Uttlesford and works with a team of dedicated care professionals from all over the East Herts and Uttlesford area to provide a range of care at home services. Whether it is specialist dementia care in Bishops Stortford or domiciliary care in Colegreen we provide home care you can be confident in. We also provide respite care, palliative and companionship care so whatever your home care needs are please learn more below or get in touch.


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Advice and support on ageing from the Home Instead network.

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How to age well

Growing old can bring challenges, both for the person who’s ageing and for their family. It can be frustrating for our loved ones because they can’t do everything they used to and feel like they’re losing their independence. At the same time, it might be worrying for their family as they might not be able to be there whenever their loved ones need them.

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To us its personal

Have you heard of reminiscence therapy?

This is a psychotherapeutic approach to managing the symptoms of living with dementia

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To us its personal

Top Ten 2019 Moments

2019 has been quite a year at Home Instead Senior Care! There have been some exciting milestones such as reaching 200 offices in the network and launching our very first TV advert. But ultimately it comes down to supporting our clients to live independently in their own homes and we’re proud that our offices UK wide have delivered more than seven million hours of relationship led care this year alone!

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To us its personal

Ten Years Service

Ten Year Service to a Great Man

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be a senior

East Hertfordshire Be A Santa To A Senior

This year Home Instead Senior Care, Jackson Square Shopping Centre and Elements Home and Garden. Are working together making sure that we don’t forget our Nannys and Granddad who are alone this Christmas. All we ask is that you can bring a gift that Santas Helper's can leave for an Elderly person and in return, you get to see Father Christmas and my friends and I may have a little something for you in return. Come and see Father Christmas on 14th and 21st December from 10am to 5pm in Jackson Sqaure. #BeASanta , #EastHertsBeASanta

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Just because your loved one has dementia or Alzheimer

Just because your loved one has dementia or Alzheimers, doesn't mean they can't enjoy a visitor's company. It takes skill and patience from both sides to ensure the visit is enjoyable. Here are our top tips you can share with your loved one's visitors ahead of time: 1. Minimise distractions by keeping the environment calm and quiet. Switch off the TV, radio and consider limiting visitors to just one or two at a time. 2. Arrange the visits at a time of day when your loved one is typically feeling their best. 3. Have visitors introduce themselves, even if you're sure they know who the visitor is. E.g "Hi Grandma, I'm Sam your Grandson." Be prepared to do this a few times during the visit. 4. Speak slowly and clearly. Keep at eye level consider their field of vision: try and sit or stand right in front of your loved one rather than off to one side. 5. Give your loved one extra time to speak or ask questions. Never rush them. Use open-ended questions because there are no right or wrong answers. 6. Come prepared with an activity in mind such as a photo album, book to read out loud together, game or favourite music to listen to. However, it's also ok to sit together in silence- they may enjoy this just as much as talking. 7. Enter their reality. Go with the flow even if your loved one says things which are odd or don't make sense. What tips would you give for engaging with people living with dementia?

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