“ (CAREGiver) only comes to help me with cleaning but does so much more than that. She is caring, sensitive, goes the extra mile, meets my needs and works around me. I look at her more as a friend than a CAREGiver. I am very very pleased with (CAREGiver), she is the best home help I have ever had. ’’

Mr A.N. - Husband of Client

Whilst we have seen satisfied with all the Care Givers, I feel that Abbie deserves special praise for all that she has done during (wife's) recent difficulties. Abbie has been patient, careful, considerate and inspired confidence, her support to me has been invaluable. I hope she will be suitably rewarded. I am most grateful to her and impressed with her knowledge and skill.

Mr B.J. - Son of Client

I would just like to thank the care team for their professional and friendly care. Nothing was too much trouble as they cared for my Mums needs, whether it be personal or just a friendly chat and a cup of tea. Unfortunately it was only for a short time as Mum has had to go into a nursing home. We could not have survived the last 6 months without all their help. Thanks again.

Mr S.D. (Son of Client)

The philosophy behind Home Instead fits (mums) needs extremely well, sparking her interest in the lives of the care givers and thus making her feel truly connected to the world rather than isolated in two rooms.

Management has been accessible and helpful, the care givers they have selected honest, helpful and caring.

They light (mums) day.

Mr D., Client's Family

The philosophy behind Home Instead fits (mums) needs extremely well, sparking her interest in the lives of the care givers and thus making her feel truly connected to the world rather than isolated in two rooms. Management has been accessible and helpful, the care givers they have selected honest, helpful and caring. They light her day.

B.B - Client

Very good and helpful.

Likely to recommend.

Mrs A - Client's Wife

I had regular calls, usually 3 times a week to care for my husband who was in the last stages of vascular dementia. They made my husband happy to talking to him, putting on his favourite programmes and discs of music. On occasions, they would give him drinks or help to eat.

Apart from this, I was able to go shopping or the dentist etc...

They would wash up, iron, move washing to the dryer, fold and then put away bedding or clothes.

They would help with changing the beds, vacuuming and dusting, as well as being supportive if I was feeling low, which was quite often.

I could not have wished for better care.

A. R., CAREGiver

Seems to be a great company and the staff I've met are wonderful, nice to be part of a caring team again.

E.I., Client's Family

The thought of keeping my family member at home in her familiar environment and with the sense of independence and security was a major factor when looking at options with my aunt when she recently became bereaved and had a spell in hospital, and suffers from early dementia.

Beverley came for a visit with myself out of her area to discuss what Home Instead had to off. Basically they will do whatever we ask and they will try to accommodate that.

The fact that she will only have 2 carers who are appointed to her is a bonus as she won't have a stream of people coming through her door. The friendship factor and a carer with similar interests is a major plus point.

I cannot speak highly enough of Beverley and her staff. They have taken amazing care of my aunt accommodating her changing needs and have been on hand in an emergency when needed.

She is now looking forward to her regular visits each day where once she would be alone for 2-3 days at a time, and to going on little trips with her carer either shopping, appointments or even a trip to the local garden centre for a look around and a coffee.

This is the ideal solution if you don't want your loved ones to loose their sense of belonging and independence when going into residential care.

M.M., Client

After an eye operation I needed help with applying eye drops and general light house work and company, a cup of tea and a chat twice a day. My family found Home Instead. A consultation visit took place and the service started the next day. I had the same person, a gentleman, and every visit he came on time. He helped me in many extra ways, like got my TV working, made me laugh. Now my eye is better the service had stopped but I would recommend Home Instead to all my friends.

V. R., Client

I had a fall and hurt my back, this put me in bed. I have a group of very good friends but felt I needed a bit more help so a friend found Home Instead advertising in the local paper. I had a visit from the manager who was a great help. My caregiver was a gentleman who was courteous, helpful, polite and a lovely man. I am feeling better now and was very sad to say goodbye to him.

Mr G. B., Client

You've been so good to me, you have been here for me as I have felt lonely. Thank you so much for all your help, you are very kind.

Extremely likely to recommend.

Ms E.I, Client's family

I use Home Instead Senior Care Conwy and Denbighshire to help my aunt who lives on her own now. I have never met a bunch of people so caring and willing to help in whatever way you need them to. Ideal solution for people to keep their independence in their own home for as long as they can.

Can't recommend them highly enough.

Mr R.K, Client's family

There is a real feeling of assurance that the person you love and support is being taken care of in your absence; that's what Home Instead does. My aunt hates to see her CAREGivers go. There are times she probably would like to see them more than me.

Mr D.

We all know how much she (his mother) disliked hospital and are so pleased that your organisation with such committed carers, made it possible for her to stay at home for so long.

Mrs S.

We have used other companies and they told us what they needed, we had no say in the matter, it's a lot different now we have changed to Home Instead, they treat us like individuals and ask us what we want.

EH from Dyserth

I have had Home Instead since the 24th of September 2015. When my friends went away for a week, Home Instead really looked after me, providing me with the support I needed. I was very pleased.

HJ from Denbigh

My CAREGiver and I do everything together. It is so nice to have someone who points me in the right direction. Nothing is too much trouble, she even does things I do not ask her to do. Like mopping the kitchen floor. My CAREGiver lifts me and keeps my day bright. I have joined new groups and made new friends. I don't know what I would do without her.

CAREGiver and elderly lady laughing together in the kitchen
Elderly male drinking tea and chatting with CAREgiver