Looking for Respite Care? Look no further than the home

Looking for respite care? Look no further than the home

There are over 10 million family caregivers in the UK. Many of them are balancing care responsibilities with other commitments – parenting and work to name just a couple. Respite care is a godsend for family caregivers juggling so many burdens. It’s a chance to recharge your batteries, whether that’s two weeks when you go on holiday or a few hours here and there during the week.

When the time comes to research respite care options available in your area, it’s easy to be persuaded by day care centres given the socialisation and activities they offer. But don’t forget that in-home respite care is an option. It could suit your loved one’s needs better and be more convenient for you, given that it offers the following benefits:

· No need for transport: Day care centres often provide transport from home, but there may be a charge, and if your loved one has mobility issues then that’s another consideration you must take. With in-home respite care, you don’t have to worry about that.

· Routine continues: Being away from home means being limited when it comes to going about your daily routine. Watching your favourite TV show and having a cup of tea in your favourite mug at 11am might not be possible at a day care centre. In-home care involves a Care Professional working according to your daily routine, maintaining the satisfaction and comfort that it provides to your loved one.

· A familiar environment: New surroundings and new people can be unnerving for some older people, particularly those living with dementia. Receiving respite care from home means nothing changing when it comes to the environment, preventing confusion and enjoying the sense of stability that home brings.

· Maintain community ties: Your loved one staying at home when receiving respite care means that their social life doesn’t have to change. If they regularly attend a knit and natter group, the Care Professional can take them to that, maintaining those all-important social connections that keep them ticking.

· One-to-one support: Receiving respite care from home means a Care Professional not having to divide their attention. The care is one-on-one, and having the same Care Professional throughout the respite care period means that your loved one can naturally develop a bond with them.

Getting respite care only helps you better fulfil your role as a family caregiver. And when respite care is delivered at home, it feels much more natural for both you and your loved one who doesn’t have to go anywhere. It’s simply like a friend popping by.