How will I know who is providing my care?

When you receive personal care at home, it is important to know who is providing your care. Home Instead will introduce the Care Professional who will be responsible for your care. Here are some ways you can find out who is providing your care:

  1. Care Professional introduction: We will introduce you to the Care Professional who will be providing your care before the start of service. This is an opportunity for you to get to know them and ask any questions you may have.
  2. Care plan: We will develop a care plan that outlines the specific services you will receive and who will be providing those services. The care plan will be reviewed with you and any changes to the plan will be communicated to you.
  3. Regular communication: You will have regular communication with Home Instead and the Care Professional providing your care. This can include check-ins, progress updates, and opportunities to provide feedback on the care you are receiving.
  4. Care Professional identification: Our Care Professionals should have identification that indicates they are employed by Home instead.
  5. Background checks: Home Instead conducts background checks on all Care Professionals before they are hired. This can include criminal background checks, reference checks, and verification of their credentials.
  6. Training and supervision: Home Instead provide training and supervision to the Care Professionals providing your care. This includes training on your specific care needs, as well as ongoing supervision to ensure they are providing high-quality care.

Overall, it is important to feel comfortable with the Care Professional who is providing your care. By working with Home Instead and maintaining regular communication with your local office, you can ensure that you know who is providing your care and that you are receiving high-quality care that meets your specific needs. Learn more or find out how we can help you with personal care at home today.