At Home Instead in Cambridge we pride ourselves on providing high quality care and support for clients. This means a minimum of an hour per visit, care taken to match our CAREGivers with clients and providing a highly personalised service at the time of day that our client determines.

It also means selecting the best people to be CAREGivers and supporting them with training and resources to let them do their job to the very best of their ability.

That's what we set out to do.  What is the outcome?  In June 2015 we commissioned Smith & Henderson to conduct an independent survey of clients and CAREGivers and here's what we got back:

Client opinion

98% rated our service Excellent or Good

98% are likely to recommend our service

97% say their CAREGiver takes an interest in them as a person

94% say their CAREGiver is well matched to their needs

86% say their CAREGiver was properly introduced to them before service began

CAREGiver opinion

99% say their job gives them the opportunity to learn and develop new skills

99% feel well matched to their clients

99% would recommend Home Instead services to a friend

97% are proud to work for Home Instead

92% would recommend Home Instead as a place to work


With such outstanding opinion, we feel that we are changing the face of ageing in Cambridge and its surrounds.  There is a way of meeting care needs that is personalised and deals with a person, not the traditional task oriented care model.  CAREGivers can be supported to be outstanding, develop their skills and knowledge and feel valued and that they have time to do their role to the standards we all hold dear.

In Cambridge these are our hometruths.  We know because the very people whose opinion counts tell us so.

To enquire about client services or working with Home Instead please call 01480 495834.

Now that Mum & Dad are settling back to normal, I wanted to write and thank you all for the fantastic support you gave them both last week. The professionalism & the care offered by all your staff is second to none. ’’

PW - Client's husband

I have been very impressed with Home Instead from the first contact.  Your organisation is efficient and your staff kind and understanding, which people in my situation need. Particular thanks to you for accommodating my changes of requirement without complaint and for the way you managed our whole association.

LD - Client's Daughter

Your staff had a "can do" attitude and they didn't give up when the going got tough.  I felt that I could depend on them and trust them.  They are professional, skilled and very sympathetic and friendly to all.

MK - Client's son

I met Tim, who visits my Father this afternoon. Tim seems a really nice person who is very comfortable in his own skin. He works really well with my Father. Smiles all round!

JT - Client's Daughter, Cambs

Thank you for putting in place the care package for Dad with David (Caregiver). I know that Dad greatly valued and enjoyed David's friendship. It was also helpful for me to know that someone was keeping an eye on him during the time we were at work.

PP, Clients daughter, Cambridge

It is such a delight to come home and find F all buoyant after his morning with Tim (Caregiver). I think it's rebuilding his confidence, not just passing his mornings, having someone taking an active and intelligent interest in him and his past. Tim is one good egg.

Mrs B - Clients Daughter, Cambs

Just to say a big thank you for taking such good care of my mother. I know that she has enjoyed having you come to look after her. You took a huge weight off my mind - as you know, I was concerned about how things would work out.