Fun Places to Feed the Ducks Around Cambridge

What can be more classic than a day out feeding the ducks? Treat your elderly relatives to these finest of duck spots in and around Cambridge!

A classic activity as old as time. People have been feeding ducks by rivers, ponds, and lakes for as long as anyone can remember. With springtime rolling in and the ducks, still as cute as ever, thriving in towns and villages, it’s a fantastic time of year to take your elderly loved ones out for the afternoon to feed the ducks. However, not all duck ponds are the same, so we have created this list of the best ducky spots so you can make sure to take your loved ones to the right spots for the fullest experience.

Milton Country Park

Milton Country Park is located just north of Cambridge City, with attractive pathways, playgrounds, lakes, Visitor Centre, and Café managed by registered charity Cambridge Sport Lakes Trust. Created from old gravel pits, the park offers a varied natural habitat with woodland, lakes, and attractive pathways suitable for wheelchairs. Throughout the year the habitats are carefully managed to support and enhance diversity and the natural environment, this creates an abundance of wildlife to see and enjoy, including of course the ducks.

Cherry Hinton Hall Park

Cherry Hinton Hall is a house and park to the south of Cambridge. With a stunning duck pond and playground, this park is a wonderful day out with the family. Wheelchair friendly with plenty of places to rest, eat and play. The Hall also hosts the annual Cambridge Folk Festival which draws thousands to these lush grounds.

Jesus Green

An area of open parkland grass, divided by avenues of London Plane and horse chestnut trees. Jesus Green is north of the City Centre, bordered by the River Cam, Victoria Avenue, and Jesus College. The park is home to the Jesus Green Lido, with plenty of facilities available for those wanting to dip their feet, as well as the city’s only public grass tennis courts.

There is also a barbecue area with stones for portable barbecues, a block of public toilets, and a refreshments kiosk, and of course, ducks on the river! The park is also fully wheelchair accessible with paved paths around the grounds.

Ditton Meadows

If you want to enjoy a relaxing walk away from the bustling city centre, Ditton Meadows are a great choice. Perfect for a relaxing picnic by the river, the ducks are very friendly and always on the lookout for snacks. A lovely wild place in the summertime, with thousands of blooming flowers and butterflies, and cows along the riverside, a very peaceful place for a walk. However, please note, there are not many shops and facilities nearby.

When feeding ducks, always remember to do so responsibly! While bread is the traditional choice, it’s always better to offer wholegrain bread where possible and to add variety with oats, seeds, lettuce, and peas. While bread is not necessarily bad for ducks, it isn’t very good for them either. Filling up on bread makes them less inclined to forage for more nutritious food and could lead to malnutrition. If the bread is stale or mouldy, it could also make them ill.

Exercise restraint and make sure that everyone enjoys your day out, whether they have hair or feathers, while experiencing the Great British outdoors. If you like the look of a ducky outing with the family, find out more about supported living in this area and see if home care in Cambridge could be the right choice for your loved ones.