Meet the team


Munaf Patel - Director


I’m Munaf Patel, the Director of Home Instead Senior Care in Calderdale and Spen Valley. I have over 25 years’ experience working in the social care sector, both within local authority setting and for voluntary sector organisations, I am now delighted to become part of the Home Instead family.

Having spent my entire working life supporting vulnerable people, I am passionate about providing quality care, and am really pleased to head up a service which places the clients at the heart of everything we do. My goal is to ensure our staff get to know our clients and we set consistently high standards in the care and companionship we provide. 

Outside of work, I am a family man, who has experience of supporting and caring for my own aging parents, and this experience has enabled me to better understand and appreciate the importance of matching the right CareGiver for each client, and ensuring the clients wishes are respected.

I’m experienced enough to recognise we won’t get it right all the time, but I am committed to ensuring we learn from any mistakes we make and with that in mind, I welcome your feedback about how Home Instead Calderdale could keep improving, so whether you’re an individual or part of an organisation I’d love to hear from you.

Deputy Manager

Naomi Lanigan - Registered Manager


I'm Naomi, the Registered Manager at Home Instead Senior Care Calderdale. I started my career in the care sector a number of years ago as a CAREGiver, after taking a year out from University. I had some amazing clients who opened my eyes to how rewarding it was be to make a difference to others! It’s because of them that I decided to stick within the sector.

I gradually progressed, gaining valuable experience in both Domiciliary and Residential care settings. Working with a mixture of Service Users ranging from Elderly Care, Learning Disabilities and Mental Health.

My role requires me to ensure things are running smoothly in the office day to day. I work closely alongside Munaf and all other members of the office team to ensure we remain compliant with regulations and are working in line with current legislation. I also provide support for office staff, CAREGiver’s, Clients and their families.

I am passionate about supporting people to remain independent in their own homes and ensuring clients can live well with their conditions by providing a service of the highest possible standard. Having worked for many different organisations and witnessing various different standards, I can honestly say we are the best at what we do in terms of providing real person centred care. My aim is to continue doing what we do best whilst improving the business in other areas.

Care Co-ordinator

Katrina Murphy - Care Co-ordinator


I'm Katrina, I have been back working in care since May 2017. It is a job I have always had a passion for and can honestly say I love everything about it. I started at Home Instead as a CAREGiver, before progressing to Senior CAREGiver and more recently I've become a Care Co-ordinator. Although I am more office based, I still like to attend Care visits myself as it is something I enjoy doing and I feel it helps me have a better understanding of our service users needs and enables me to keep in touch with both CAREGivers and service users.

As Care Co-ordinator, I attend consultations for potential new service users. I prepare Care Plans and source suitable CAREGivers and ensure everything runs smoothly from the beginning. It's also my responsibility to ensure our CAREGivers are happy, conduct their supervisions and I'm always available to talk to, if I'm needed.

In my role, I feel like I am constantly learning and I enjoy accessing the training opportunities made available to me through Home Instead to develop my knowledge and expertise, and be the best that I can be.

We have an amazing team that just want to improve and provide service in the care sector I will hopefully hear from you or see you very soon.

Care Co-ordinator

Jackie Kaye - Care Co-ordinator

My name is Jacqueline Kaye (but please call me Jackie)

I recently joined Home Instead as a Care Co-ordinator and my role is to assist the Manager and Deputy Manager with the day to day running of the service. This includes visiting new clients and conducting initial assessments, writing and updating client care plans, reviewing the service needs of the clients and also supervising and supporting our CareGivers, to ensure they provide the best possible care. 

I have had a varied career and initially worked for the local chamber of commerce and industry when I left school (many many years ago).  After having my son (who is now almost 30) I took a different direction in my career, and started working in care.  It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been in Care for almost 30 years – I really cannot see myself doing anything else now.  I love what I do and feel very passionate about helping vulnerable people and making sure they are kept safe from harm or abuse and they have a good quality of life.  Most of my work within the care sector has been with adults and children who have Learning and physical disabilities but more recently, I have moved to working with older people.  I feel like I have come full circle and having worked with older people at the start of my career in the care profession, I find myself returning to work with the elderly.  On reflection, this is something I always felt I would find myself doing as I find working with older people so enjoyable and rewarding.    

I took a short break from work when my own partner died almost 2 years ago and more recently, have worked as a Manager in a residential setting and also Team Leader in a respite home.  Hopefully, my vast knowledge and experience in the care profession will stand me in good stead in my new role.

I look forward to meeting everybody and getting to know the staff, clients and their families. 
See you all soon!

Senior CAREGiver

Stephanie Lewis - Senior CAREGiver


I'm Steph Lewis, a Senior CAREGiver. I embarked upon my career in care with Home Instead Senior Care Calderdale. Originally my role was as a CAREGiver but over the last four years I have progressed and grown into my current role.

As a Senior CAREGiver, my day-to-day role involves conducting Care visits, working with and supporting other CAREGivers, operating support visits, and other administrative tasks to ensure we adhere to the highest care standards for our Clients. I am driven to provide the best level of care and my days leave me feeling fulfilled knowing I have helped and supported each of our lovely Clients.

I am passionate about caring for, and helping the most vulnerable in our society. My focus is consistently on delivering dignified, quality care with emphasis on listening to the Clients needs. I always strive to work with respect and empathy under all circumstances. I enjoy being part of a great team and I look forward to continuing with this work for the remainder of my career.


Rahida Patel - Training Co-ordinator


I'm Rahida, the Training Co-ordinator at Home Instead Senior Care Calderdale. I have been working for Home Instead for two years after having completed a Law degree at University.

Working in care has been a new experience for me and I am proud to be a part of the team. I have built a good relationship with our CAREGiver's with being a Scheduler for over a year which I enjoyed. 

Changing roles and now becoming the Training Co-ordinator, my job is to arrange training for CAREGiver's to ensure everyone's training is up to date in order to deliver high quality care to our Clients. I am responsible for arranging touch points and observations for CAREGiver's to ensure they are meeting the care standards required by Home Instead and also completing the Care Certificate Matrix.

I am the administrator for My Learning Cloud which is a personal learning environment for CAREGiver's used by Home Instead franchises. CAREGiver's are able to view any completed training on this and also view/book themselves on to any upcoming training that I organise. So far CAREGiver's are finding it easy to use and very resourceful. I can now say I am an expert on My Learning Cloud at the Office so CAREGiver's can feel free to ask me for any help around the website.

We have a great management team and some wonderful CAREGiver's who are always welcome to pop in for a chat and a cuppa!


Anosha Rafiq - Scheduler


I’m Anosha the Scheduler at Home Instead Senior Care Calderdale.
I started off working as a CAREGiver and it has been a wonderful experience. I now do the scheduling making sure CAREGiver’s are given work and clients are getting consistent CAREGiver’s to support them with their care. 

Being a scheduler, I am able to build a good relationship with both our CAREGivers and Client's. My main responsibility is to listen to our clients and CAREGivers. I feel in any organisation having good relationships leads to happy clients and happy CAREGiver’s.

Working closely with CAREGiver’s I am also able to ensure that they are happy with the hours they have and the Clients they visit. It has also been a delightful experience meeting some of our lovely Client's and knowing they are pleased with the CAREGiver’s that visit them as my aim is to ensure the right and most suitable CAREGiver's are matched up to our Client's.

I am passionate about wanting to help people live an independent life. I believe that it is important to understand the client’s needs, build a good relationship with them and devise a structured plan to help them build their independence. But most importantly it’s to love the job you do. I feel this is the importance of the job role.

I am proud to be a part of the team with, I would say, one of the most important roles.

I look forward to meeting all new CAREGivers, whether it’s just to drop in and have a chat or gain more insight into the role.

You will no doubt enjoy the experience with us!

CAREGiver pouring sugar onto scales as elderly lady laughs
CAREGiver looking at a cook book with elderly lady